J.Crew Just Released an All-New Green Colorway of the Killshot 2 Sneaker

Someone wise once said, “You can never have too much of a good thing.” Whether you agree or not, the folks at J.Crew and Nike have certainly subscribed to that ethos. After their original Nike Killshot 2 collaboration continued to sell out with every re-release, the brands brought the shoe back with an all new look in March 2019—a canvas-covered spin on the classic sneaker complete with an all-new red swoosh.

And now, just in time for the heart of spring, they’ve done it again—this time, reverting back to the shoe’s original leather makeup, and finishing it off with a fresh Kelly green swoosh. In the past, it’s been tough to get your hands on a pair of these shoes. Their versatility and minimal design offer opportunities to pair them with just about everything in your wardrobe, which had folks flocking to grab a pair any chance they got.

The good news is all three colorways are now widely available, so whether you’re looking for the OG navy/gum vibe or you’re interested in switching it up with red or green (or both, because Christmas), there’s likely a Killshot 2 out there available in your size. The best part? They’re some of the most affordable, stylish sneakers out there. While March’s red variety retailed at $110, this latest version will save you some green (sorry) at $90.

A green-centric sneaker is a bolder move that requires some thought when styling. These aren’t your average white sneakers, and a bright green swoosh will definitely stand out in a crowd when compared to the OG blue option. But bold as they may be, it’ll still be difficult to find a fit they don’t pair well with. Our suggestion: Grab one of each colorway and you’ll never be without a sleek, stylish pair of sneakers you can afford to replace when you’ve worn them out. And because of that versatility, wear them out you will.


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Nike’s Killshot 2 sneakers are now available in-store and online. You can purchase the OG colorway here.