Fortnite Drops Air Jordan 1 Sneakers in a New Jumpman Collaboration

Fortnite has doubled down with some surprising collaborations lately. From John Wick to Thanos and Star-Lord, it seems like we’ve seen everyone stop by and kick back for some battle royale fun. And the game is keeping the collabs coming, this time with an ultra-hype, style-forward addition.

On Wednesday, Fortnite announced a new collaboration with Nike—specifically, Nike’s Jordan line of basketball sneakers. The Fortnite x Jumpman bundle features special skins, challenges, back bling, and a limited time mode. The kicks themselves come with a real money pricetag in game, purchased with V bucks. That virtual gold will get you the Hang Time bundle, which comes with two customizable skins and a series of challenges that presumably unlock variations of the classic Air Jordan 1s.

The limited time mode, called Downtown Drop, will offer players chances to get some awesome skateboard back blings from featured artists. It will live in Creative Mode, where players can “launch off massive jumps, grind down city streets, and collect coins,” according to Fortnite.’s Style Director and resident sneaker expert Jonathan Evans stopped by the gamer corner and weighed in on the collaboration: “The Air Jordan 1 is credited by fans as the shoe that gave birth to sneaker culture as we know it today, and it really is difficult to overstate its significance. The word gets tossed around a lot, but AJ1 is an icon,” he said. “I’m completely and utterly out of touch with the Fortnite phenomenon, but if kids are willing to camp out and pay exorbitant resale prices for hyped Jordans IRL, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ll shell out for digital ones, too.”

Makes sense to us. The Fortnite x Jumpman collab is available with the v9.10 update.