Unpacking the Mystery of Donald Trump’s Gigantic Khakis

We’re in a golden age of men’s pants. There’s never been a better time, at least in recent memory, to try out a new style—especially when it comes to more voluminous fits. More on that in a moment, but now you know the basics of the situation. Want to take a guess at who might have missed this Very Important Style Memo? Do you even need to guess? Probably not. Because, yeah, it’s Donald Trump.

This is, after all, a man who staunchly refuses to reign in his overlong tie (which he at one point held together with tape) because he seems to believe that dangling the tip of it over his crotch makes one look slimmer. Maybe, in his mind, there’s just a big, blinking neon sign that reads “The Longer the Better.” Or something? It sure seems that way, because this past weekend in Virginia, Dear Leader took to the stage at McClean Bible Church wearing a pair of chinos that stretched on forever.

Donald Trump visits McLean Bible Church, Virginia, USA - 02 Jun 2019

Trump at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia, Sunday June 2, 2019.


Even for someone who prefers a more traditional pair of pants—i.e., a longer, wider leg and a full break on the hem—these chinos just don’t fit. The hem is dragging on the ground, liable to get caught underneath the heels of his shoes (which I’m almost certain are golf cleats, by the way). That’s not some sort of advanced style move; it’s just a mistake.

Why is Donnie the Elder wearing his pants this way? Does he believe, as with his ties, that they’re more slimming? Is he convinced he’s taller than he actually is? We may never know. Instead of unpacking this mystery, then, let’s focus on what we can understand.

Which brings me back to the golden age of men’s pants. After years of slim fits reigning supreme, there are now a bunch of great options for guys who prefer a little more room to move. The key thing with these styles, as opposed to Trump’s gigantic pair of khakis, is that they actually, you know, fit. “Bigger” doesn’t need to mean “too big for your body.”

Take this pair of AMI chinos, for instance. The wider thigh tapers down to a slimmer ankle, providing a little balance. It’s definitely an advanced style move, but it’s an intentional one that won’t leave your hems to be shredded by your shoes.

Tapered Pleated Cotton-Twill Chinos

AMI mrporter.com


Or, you could just opt for a pair of slim-fit chinos that look great on pretty much everyone. Nothing wrong with sticking with a modern classic.

Connor Slim-Fit Chinos

Club Monaco mrporter.com


The call is yours to make. Just remember what a certain other president might opt for.