iMazing 2 Makes It Easy to Transfer iOS Data Between Your Devices, Now 77% Off

Syncing your iPhone or iPad with any desktop computer has always been a painful process. Instead of making a separate app, Apple insists on making us all struggle with iTunes. Thankfully, there is now a better option — iMazing 2 on Mac and Windows lets you sync any iOS device in seconds. This third-party app is great for migrating data to new devices and transferring files. You can get it now for just $19.99 via MakeUseOf Deals.

Syncing Made Easy

Billed as the Swiss Army knife of iOS management, iMazing 2 is packed full of great features. However, the app does not feel cluttered. Through simple menus, you can access all your iOS devices and easily transfer data.

What data? Pretty much anything you can think of. With iMazing, you can export your photos, videos, music, ringtones, ebooks, and documents. The app supports all file types, and you can sync via USB or Wi-Fi.

In addition, iPhone owners can grab contacts, voicemail, call history, voice memos, and notes. This means you can make a local backup, and transfer important data when you upgrade.

You can also use iMazing 2 to transfer desktop files to your iOS devices. Adding new music and ebooks has never been so easy.

Now Just $19.99

Order now for just $19.99 to get your Universal License covering Mac and PC, worth $89.98.