Learn the Language of Android With This Google Go Developer Training

Although Google Go is much younger than many other programming languages, it’s already very popular with big companies. What’s more, Go was designed with the future in mind — so developers will be in demand for many years to come. The Complete Google Go Developer Master Class Bundle helps you grab this opportunity, with over 50 hours of hands-on training. You can get the bundle now for just $29 at MakeUseOf Deals.

New Language

Most programming languages we use today were invented prior to 2000. Back then, supercomputers were less powerful than our smartphones are today.

In contrast, Google Go has been designed specifically for a world of multi-core processors and powerful servers. This bundle helps you master the languages through hands-on tutorials and fun projects. The training starts from scratch, showing you how to install Go and write your first commands.

The videos quickly move on to more exciting topics, from building web servers to creating databases. Along the way, you learn all the fundamentals: arrays, slices, loops, switches, functions, and more.

You should come away with the skills to start crafting your own programs and finding work as a junior developer. With lifetime access included, you can always come back to revise.

50 Hours for $29

Order now for $29 to start learning and get all seven courses, worth $1,400.