The 7 Best Online FPS Browser Games

The first-person shooter (FPS) genre is probably the most popular genre in the world. Games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Counter-Strike are among the best tactical shooters you can play. However, if you don’t want to spend money on these games, you might want to try browser-based FPS games instead.

Unfortunately, a lot of the best FPS browser games have been discontinued. Which leaves us with indie FPS games that are playable but tend to come with standard indie game problems. In this article we list the best FPS browser games you can play directly on the web right now.

FPS browser games - Rush Team

If we had to sum up Rush Team in one word, it would be “solid”. Don’t come into this one expecting flashy effects, innovative gameplay, or anything else that’s anywhere near industry-changing. There’s only one reason to play Rush Team, and that is that you want a traditional shooter experience.

You’ll find the usual gameplay elements: melee weapons, pistols, rifles, grenades, etc. A Free For All mode is available, but Rush Team becomes even better when played in one of its team-based, objective-focused modes. Some cosmetic and gameplay features are only available to VIPs, but you’ll be fine without them.

FPS browser games - Warmerise: Red vs. Blue

Warmerise: Red vs. Blue may not look all that nice—closer in aesthetics to 90s-era shooters like Quake and the original Counter-Strike—but it’s balanced out by its gameplay and player activity. There’s a Top 100 Leaderboard that keeps players motivated. Although it only features elimination-based game modes, it has vehicular combat that makes it unique.

In terms of playerbase, Warmerise: Red Vs. Blue is one of the healthiest games on this list. Matches are easy to find even during off-peak hours in the U.S. All in all, if you can get over the outdated graphics, this is a solid choice for a browser shooter.

FPS browser games - Wolfenstein 3D

Often called the grandfather of modern 3D shooters, Wolfenstein 3D is a monumental classic that all FPS fans need to play at some point. You play as an Allied spy who fights his way through Castle Wolfenstein, slaughtering Nazis and tracking down the Fuhrer himself for a final showdown. Despite the simplistic gameplay, it’s surprisingly fun and features charming old-school graphics.

The game was originally released for MS-DOS, (here’s how to play old DOS games on your Mac 5 Ways to Play Old Windows & DOS Games on Your Mac 5 Ways to Play Old Windows & DOS Games on Your Mac Want to play classic Windows and DOS games on your Mac, but unsure where to begin? Today we’ll be looking at all your available options, and how to choose between them. Read More ). However, Wolfenstein 3D is now available online for free and is considered one of the best retro browser shooter games.

FPS browser games - Superhot

You can play Superhot on your PC, Xbox One, or PS4, but why should you do that when you can access its prototype for free from your browser? It’s also the perfect way to try out the game in case you do want to buy it eventually.

This FPS is unlike any other on this list—instead of the events around you happening in real-time, time only passes when you move. You can use this to your advantage to dodge bullets and to buy some time to pick up a weapon. Your enemies come in the form of red people who shatter to pieces when you hit or shoot them.

The browser-based version of Superhot doesn’t come with as many levels as the full game, but it’s still just as enjoyable.

FPS browser games - Krunker

No matter how powerful of a computer you have, you can run Krunker. Which is what makes it such a great browser shooter. It uses Minecraft-like graphics that allows it to run on any type of computer (even super old ones). You assume the role of a soldier who’s tasked with killing their enemies.

Krunker has 10 game modes that you can choose from. One of the most popular modes includes Free For All, where the game pits you against other players and the player with the most kills wins. You can also choose from several character classes, including a bullet-crazed Triggerman, a marksman Hunter, and a revolver-wielding Detective.

FPS browser games - War Brokers

War Brokers also uses blocky graphics, similar to Krunker. You can customize your character by editing your appearance and choosing your weapons. War Brokers offers plenty of variety when it comes to weapons—decide between a rifle, sniper, homing missile, minigun, and more. All of these options (including the chance to drive vehicles) make War Brokers one of the best browser FPS games you can play right now.

The game currently has two game modes: Classic and Battle Royale. The Classic version comes with several game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Vehicle Escort, among others. The battle royale version of War Brokers has some of the same elements as PUBG, Fortnite, and H1Z1 PUBG vs. Fortnite vs. H1Z1: Which Battle Royale Is Right for You? PUBG vs. Fortnite vs. H1Z1: Which Battle Royale Is Right for You? Battle royale games have taken over recently, so we put the three big names to the test. Who wins the PUBG vs. Fortnite vs. H1Z1 battle royale? Read More , so you’ll definitely enjoy it if you like those games.

FPS browser games - Global Strike

This FPS browser game is known for its fast-paced multiplayer action. It features several modes that keep the game from getting boring. For example, when you get tired of playing Team Deathmatch, you can switch to Mutation mode, which lets you and other players become zombies. Those who are left as humans must try to stay alive and kill the infected players.

Some players view Global Strike as a pay-to-win game. It features a shop where you can buy permanent weapons, characters, and other accessories with real cash. As a result, certain players will buy the best weapons in the game with their own money. This gives them a huge advantage over other players, and can definitely put a damper on the gameplay.

Relive Your Youth With FPS Browser Games

You might remember playing FPS browser games when you got bored at school. The games you played as a kid might not exist anymore, but there are still plenty of browser shooter games worth checking out. Give one of the above games a try and relive your youth.

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