The Best PC Accessories for Customizing Your Gaming Space



This HyperX keyboard represents the mother of all customization options, on a consumer-friendly scale. It feels great and is very comfortable to use, but more importantly, it looks great. App-controlled RGB lighting lets you program slight but effective animation, zone lighting, and much more on the keyboard itself. You can choose from so many different looks and styles. The keyboard also has a USB port on the back for your mouse, mouse pad, or whatever other wacky accessories you want to connect. It really allows every individual to tailor it in their own way, and at $110, it’s a lot of bang for your buck. 

Hyper X also offers a variety of key replacements for even more customization, including my favorite, the PBT keycaps, or pudding caps ($24.99). These caps are designed with a misty, transparent siding and a black top, so the symbols are visible but that cool RGB light still really shines through.