Spotify Launches a Dedicated Hub for Disney Songs

Spotify has launched a new hub just for Disney music. The Disney Hub is packed full of all of your favorite Disney songs, broken up into playlists and soundtracks. Which should prevent you (and your kids) from having to search for Let It Go in future.

Disney may be late to the party, but it’s finally realizing the potential of streaming. The company is currently pulling its movies and shows off of rival streaming services ahead of the launch of Disney+ Disney Unveils Its Disney+ Streaming Service Disney Unveils Its Disney+ Streaming Service Disney has finally unveiled Disney+, its long-awaited streaming service. So here’s everything you need to know about Disney+. Read More . However, the music remains available elsewhere.

What Is Spotify’s New Disney Hub?

You’ve been able to search for and find Disney songs on Spotify for a long time. But now, as announced on the Spotify Newsroom, Spotify has launched a dedicated Disney Hub packed full of your favorites. And it’s all organized by playlist and soundtrack.

Spotify’s Disney Hub contains pretty much everything you can imagine. From Aladdin to Zootopia. From Frozen to The Lion King. And if you’re not into the films aimed at younger audiences, there’s also music from Star Wars and Marvel to keep you entertained.

Spotify’s Disney Hub is currently available to users in the US, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. You can either head straight to the Disney Hub on the Spotify Web Player or search “Disney” on the Spotify mobile apps.

There’s already a slew of great Disney songs available on there, but Spotify is promising to update the Disney Hub with additional content throughout the year. Basically, every time a new Disney film is released, the new songs from it will be added.

Keeping Your Streaming Music Organized

Music streaming services such as Spotify have changed the game. So much so that many of us no longer purchase music, opting instead to just listen to it as and when we want. But keeping everything organized can be quite a challenge.

Dedicated pages such as the Disney Hub should help users find the droids content they’re looking for on music streaming services How to Pick the Best Music Streaming Service for You How to Pick the Best Music Streaming Service for You Do you use a music streaming service? If so, how do you know you’re using the best one for you personally? Read More without endlessly searching. So we hope the Disney Hub is the first of many such efforts to organize Spotify content.

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