Netflix Announces New Shows for Preschoolers

Netflix has announced seven new shows for children coming to its streaming service soon. All of the shows are original productions, meaning you won’t be able to watch them anywhere else. The shows are all aimed at preschoolers aged between two and six.

Programming for Preschoolers

Netflix announced the new original kids’ shows in a post on the Netflix Media Center. Referring to Netflix’s “commitment to deliver high quality, age-appropriate content for kids ages 2-6 everywhere,” Melissa Cobb, vice president of original animation at Netflix, said:

“With high-quality, age-appropriate programming for kids at every age and stage, we want to help young people find and connect with the stories and characters they love on Netflix. We are also here to empower parents to find the shows that are just right for their families during whatever time they feel is appropriate to enjoy entertainment.”

Netflix’s New Shows for Kids

The seven new Netflix shows are:

DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders (2019): This is a CG animated series based on the popular How to Train Your Dragon franchise. The show follows twins who use their dragons to rescue other dragons.

Hello Ninja (2019): This is a CG animated series following Wesley and his best friend Georgie who visit an enchanted ninja world. It’s based on the picture book of the same name by N.D. Wilson.

StarBeam (2020): This is a CG animated series which depicts the adventures of Zoey. Zoey is a second-grader who can transform into a superhero called StarBeam by calling out, “It’s time to shine!”

DreamWorks Go, Dog. Go! (2020): This is a CG animated series based on the classic children’s book by P.D. Eastman. As the name suggests, this show follows a dog called Tag Barker and her adventures in Pawston.

What-To-Doodles (2020): This is a CG animated series with an educational bent. It follows a team of young creatures as they teach children what to do in “everyday social experiences and firsts”.

Izzy Bee’s Koala World (2020): This is a non-fiction series that follows 11-year-old Izzy Bee, better known as the Koala Whisperer. Alongside her veterinarian parents, she rescues and rehabilitates koalas.

Emily’s Wonder Lab (2020): This is a live-action STEAM series showing acclaimed science communicator Emily Calandrelli demonstrating “lively experiments and entertaining activities” for children.

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