The 11 Best Undershirts to Keep You Cool and Stylish

Undershirts provide a crucial layer under your clothing. They offer a layer of protection—your sweat hits them before it hits your more precious fabrics and it helps those clothes not wear through quite as fast as they normally might. And during the summer? An absolute necessity. It might see counterintuitive to wear more layers when it’s hot, but it’s not only your first defense against sweat stains—the shirt wicking moisture away from your skin can actually keep you cooler. Whatever your needs are, there’s an undershirt for you. Here are some of the best.

Fruit of the Loom Stay Tucked Crew T-Shirt


$14.98 (42% off)’s own Ben Boskovich swears by these bulk Fruit of the Loom tees. They stay tucked into your pants, so they’re good for outfits that require layering.

Hanes 6-Pack FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt


$15.98 (20% off)

Hanes is another classic to buy in bulk. You can never go wrong with plain white crew necks, either. 

Banana Republic Soft Wash V-Neck T-Shirt


If you don’t like the look of most undershirts, get one that looks more like a tee—like this performance stretch one from Banana Republic.

Mack Weldon Tank


Sometimes all you need is a tank to layer. Make sure it has some stretch, and it won’t show lines under your shirt.

Saxx Undercover V-Neck


Boxer expert Saxx brings its penchant for comfort to its tees as well. You’ll want to wear this every day.

Tommy John V-Neck Stay-Tucked Undershirt


Tommy John’s tees are all super comfortable—so comfortable you might want to sleep in this one, too.

Hugo Boss Three-Pack Cotton-Jersey T-Shirts


When in doubt for basics, head to Hugo Boss. The tees have the perfect amount of weight, so they drape well but won’t make you sweat.

Emporio Armani Pure Cotton Crewneck T-Shirts


Some undershirts are paper thin. These are not like those. These are solid shirts, which means they’re great for layering under an open button-front.

Spanx Cotton Compression V-Neck


Yep, Spanx for dudes. This T-shirt uses some compression to suck you in, helping your tees and suits lay flat.

Club Monaco Linen T-Shirt


Soft, breathable, and your day-to-day go-to. The linen fabric keeps you aired out but it also looks cool peeping out under a button-front or denim jacket. 

Bombas V-Neck T-Shirt 3-Pack


If there’s a place to have options, it’s your undershirts. A range of neutrals means you’ll have something for every outfit.