STRANDED in the WILD for 10 Days! | Camping, Fishing, Catching and Cooking (FULL SERIES)

We get dropped in the middle of the WILD NORTH in a float plane by RED LAKE Outfitters in order to fish and catch and cook our way out! Nothing like the feeling of being completely ALONE, isolated and self reliant. Total freedom, but also totally at the whims of mother nature. BOOK A TRIP! Red Lake Outfitters: Harlan: In this first episode we set out by float plane, get dropped into the middle of Woodland Caribou, drop our lines and catch beautiful lake trout before settling into our lake side camp for the evening by tent! We include historical supplies including corn flour, animal fats, pemmican, and much more while making use of all the foraging we can muster to create wild historically accurate meals! We light fires using magnifying glasses, flint and steel! The sunsets are fantastic in the far North! Follow us as we portage our way through as Early Voyageurs and Courier des Bois. Jeremy (One Wildcrafter): This whole trip takes place in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park where our objective is to catch and eat as many fish as possible including walleye, pike and of course, the most prized lake trout! We'll fish from a canoe, travel by historical portage routes and explore the deep unspoiled boreal forest. We travel in and around active forest fires, dodging as we go to get at our neat wild cooked meal! We cook fish over fire, tent, and paddle our way through Canada's most underused provincial park to enjoy world class fishing where almost every cast is a fish! We use all our skills to navigate the park, portage over rocky boulders and explore the wild north. We have to portage all our gear as we go! We'll get into wild edibles including blueberries, raspberries, bunch berries, wild currants and more! Become part of MY TRIBE: Instagram: #EatWild #NothingWasted #WildernessLiving #Survival
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