Mahaton Reveals a Self-Cleaning Water Bottle With Wireless Charging

Water bottles are one place you don’t expect to see an awful lot of innovation. After all, they’re a device designed to get the hydration you need into your mouth.

But a company called Mahaton is aiming to change the way we drink water with the introduction of its self-cleaning bottle that provides both a stylish way to carry your drinking water and a promise of cleaner water with innovative wireless charging tech.

Mahaton Bottle Features

The bulk of what makes this bottle interesting resides in its lid. It uses mercury-free UV-C LED technology to make your drinking water cleaner. In fact, the company promises that it will remove 99.9-percent of bacteria from water within 90 seconds. You can read more about the science behind the use of UV light for sterilization on the bottle’s Kickstarter page, but the company does claim that the UV tech has FDA, CE, and SGS certifications.

Because the bottle needs power in order to perform its sterilization functions, it does feature wireless charging, which the company promises is a world-first for water bottles. You simply place its charger on the lid and let it do its thing.

To control the bottle, the lid is also touch-sensitive. You simply need to tap the top of the bottle to get the cleaning process started. This is another world-first, according to creators of the device.

The bottle itself can hold and clean 350mL of water, which is 11.8 fl oz. To put that into perspective, a typical plastic water bottle is 500mL or 16.9 fl oz.

As for materials, the body of the bottle is made from 304 stainless steel and promises to be BPA free. The lid is made with food-grade plastics.

Mahaton Bottle Price and Availablity

Mahaton is seeking funding for its bottle on Kickstarter. The project started with a fairly modest goal of $10,000, and it has already exceeded it. Backers who want to preorder a bottle can do so for a minimum pledge of $39 while the early special lasts. From there, the price of the bottle jumps to $49.

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