Thank You, Justin Bieber, for Still Keepin’ It Sleazy

Ah, here’s our boy. Justin Bieber, the OG sleazy boy. The one who, in the midst of a world roiled by change, stands alone. Who holds firm to his principles (of sleaziness), even now. Because though it’s hard to believe, it’s been a whole damn year since Bieber and his band of haphazardly dressed brothers kicked off the Summer of Sleaze. And yet, here he is, coffee cup in hand, keeping the spirit alive.

Bieber is proof that some trends never really die. Instead, they find their niche, and they settle in for the long haul. In this case, that niche is Justin Bieber himself, bedecked in a flowing, flowery camp-collar shirt and gi-fucking-gantic corduroys, staring out into the world with a look on his face that seems to say, “But if I don’t sleaze, well…who will?”


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Justin, thank you for this. Thank you for keeping it sleazy. Thank you for being so true to that noble purpose that you built a whole fashion line so that you could wear those big-ass cords—and so could the rest of us (before they sold out, alas). Thank you for understanding that I was wrong, just now. Because sleaze isn’t really a trend at all, and it never was. Sleaze is a lifestyle. It is the style of the life lived by Justin Bieber.

And thank you, Justin, for delivering your sleaze unto us in a way that even the sleaze-adjacent and the genuinely non-sleazy can embrace. Because that floral shirt? Well, it’s great. It’s something we all can, and should, wear as the end of summer looms large on the horizon. There is no time like the present, after all.

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And those New Balance skate shoes? They’re also pretty great, especially considering the enduring influence of skate style on the way we dress today. And while that particular colorway is sold out, there are others, and they are not. For that, and for you, Justin, we give thanks.

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