The 43 Best Subscription Boxes for Clothes, Grooming, Booze, and Everything Else



If there’s one true thing in this world, it’s that none of us have enough time. There is, sadly, not much we can do about adding a few hours to the daily clock. But we can make the hours that are there really count. And sometimes, that means letting go of the things that are eating up the little time you do have—especially if you’re worried about your own level of expertise. So, if you’re trying to improve your style, or your wine rack, or the way you eat, but you’re just not sure how to go about it, why not trust the experts? And if the experts can ship all the stuff you need to your door every month without fail? Well, all the better!

Of course, finding the right subscription box to solve your specific problems is a chore in and of itself. How do I get the right stuff to drink? To wear? To snack better and live happier? Those are some big questions. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of the very best delivery options for everything from clothes to booze to kitchen tools. Hell, we’ve even found great spots for cologne and watches! You might never need to leave your home again. Except you’ll want to, because you’ll be looking, feeling, and smelling better than ever. Here are the 43 best subscription boxes to try right now.

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Trunk Club

(Prices are per item),


For some guys, clothes shopping is a total nightmare—no idea where to go or what to buy or how to wear it. For them, Trunk Club is a potential lifesaver. Once you sign up, you take a survey that covers personal preferences, the type of clothes you need (casual or dress), sizes, and more. Then you’re given a personal stylist who helps you select items based on those preferences. And unlike many other subscription boxes, Trunk Club is curated whenever you request it, so you can get as much or as little as you need. And there’s no membership fee—you simply keep what you want and return what you don’t.

Bespoke Post

$45 per month,


This is for the man who just wants man-stuff arriving on his doorstep every month. The way it works is you set your preferences, and then Bespoke Post recommends a box to you based on those preferences. Each monthly box has a theme and can include things like beer flight kits, grooming supplies, kitchen supplies, or ingredients for the perfect cocktail. And if you don’t like the box that’s suggested, you have the option to switch to a different one, or skip that month altogether.

Stitch Fix

$20 styling fee plus prices based on each item,


Like we said earlier, figuring out what to buy when it comes time to shop for clothes can be an excruciating task for some guys. Knowing what will look good, what’s in style, how things should fit just doesn’t come naturally. And then there’s the whole drudgery of actually going into the store. Fortunately Stitch Fix solves all of that. Simply fill out a style and size profile, and whenever you want them, five items picked out by a stylist will be shipped to your door. Simply keep what you want and then send the rest back. And you can improve your selections every time by giving feedback to your stylist.


From $55 per month,


The most exhausting thing about the hype cycle? Keeping up with the hype cycle. Thankfully, there’s Threadbeast, which takes the “keeping up with” concerns out of the equation. Every month, you’ll get shipped a batch of gear from brands that hit the sweet spot between streetwear, fashion, and stuff people actually wear in real life. You can choose how much you want to receive, and while you’re not going to magically score the most hyped sneakers of the minute, that’s kinda fine. After all, if you have a choice between spending your money on something that’s cool right now or something that’ll still be cool in a few months (or years), wouldn’t you prefer the latter?


$14.95 per month,


For guys who want to switch up their fragrances on a regular basis, Scentbird is a good alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on full bottles. Every month you can choose from an assortment of over 150 designer and niche fragrances, and then have it delivered to your home. And when each new month comes around, you can either stick with the same scent you have or switch to something new.


Price per product,


Fill out a quick quiz on your sizes and style preferences, and a real (human) stylist will help curate your personalized shipment of clothes. You can set your budget to have limits you’re comfortable with spending, and you only have to pay for what you keep. One of the biggest bonuses: You get a preview email before your box is shipped, so you can make adjustments before you even get it.


$20 per month,


A one-stop shop for all of your grooming needs, Birchbox also offers a small assortment of apparel and accessories. You can order items like socks, underwear, candles, and even flasks to go with a wide variety of skincare, haircare, and oral care products, as well as fragrances. The customized box costs $20 a month and comes with four sample grooming items as well as one lifestyle item, like a gadget or an accessory. Members also receive access to the Birchbox shop (plus a discount!), so you can buy more of what you like.

Watch Gang

From $29,


Watch Gang gifts you with a new watch every month, sticking to your chosen price point and style preferences. The brand partners with watch companies worldwide, so you’re looking at a wide variety of possibilities each month. You keep each watch you get, so if you’re looking to build a collection, this is a good way to get started. Plus, one random member wins a Rolex every Friday. Worth taking a shot.

House Plant Box

From $11.25,


Cratejoy has a lot (a lot, a lot) of subscription boxes available. Really, head here to find anything you’re likely to need on a monthly basis. But in particular, this house plant box is a solid purchase for anyone trying to bring more life into their home. The California-grown plants will ship to your house, along with the occasional extra gift like fertilizer.




The most efficient kind of subscription box is one of something that you already use routinely. And what’s more a part of your routine than a good cup of coffee? Expand your flavor horizons with a subscription that sends you sets of single-pack pour over coffee. The best part is that it’s self-contained: The packet is designed with an origami filter, which unfolds and fits over your coffee cup—you don’t actually need a dripper to get a pour over here. Just add hot water and let it brew.

Bark Box

From $25,


Bark Box is just as fun for you as it will be for your dog who’s really reaping the benefits here. In every box there are two toys, two bags of treats, and a chew. Each month is themed, too, so the products all align—everything from New York City to Jurassic Park. Pure entertainment for all involved.

Fab Fit Fun

From $50,


When it comes to tightly curated, very usable product exploration, Fab Fit Fun does a pretty great job. There’s a slight focus on fitness, with products like earbuds, post-workout grooming washes, or protein bars. You won’t know what’s inside until you get it, but that’s all part of the fun.

London Sock Co.

From $34 for 3 months,


For the guy who has to wear dress socks every day, there’s actually a way to liven up the routine—and that’s with a steady stream of new socks. London Sock Co. makes some of the most high-quality socks around, and they’re right on the mark for any sort of suit-leaning location, like a corporate office or a wedding. Get one, two, or three new pairs a month.


From $14,


Graze is upping the ante for great subscription-based snacks. Fill out a profile on what types of flavors and snacks you’re into, and they’ll tailor the box specifically for those preferences. Then, once you figure out what snacks you do like, they make it easy to stock up on bulk amounts of it so you never run out.

Loose Leaf

From $9,


Try out four new teas a month with a Loose Leaf subscription. For a thoughtful tea cabinet expansion, it’s worth knowing what you actually like before investing in a bunch of it. This helps introduce you to fresh flavors without having to commit to—or waste—a ton of tea. You can choose your type of tea box, too: original, herbal/decaf, green tea, or black tea.

Outdoor Fellow

From $32 per month,


A fully stocked candle assortment makes for a happy—and good-smelling—home. Outdoor Fellow launched a subscription service on its signature scents, like sandalwood and pine needle or fireplace and clove. You can opt for a variety pack, too, where you get a different scent every month for four months. This makes the perfect gift for candle lovers, too.

Nest Fragrances

From $56,


If you like changing up the scent in your home, Nest’s 3- and 6-month long subscriptions bring you a new scent every month in the form of two curated candles. You’ll get one classic size and one votive, so it’s easy to set the whole house onto the same vibe.


From $10 per month,


Snacknation is all about very good snacks for every type of snacker. There’s an emphasis on health-focused, do-good brands that have organic, non-GMO, or locally sourced production. There’s a range of what you can get, box-wise too. You can get one of two sizes of snack boxes, or you can go even harder with office boxes. They’re better than any vending machine snacks we’ve ever seen.


From $20,


Snacks are good. Healthy snacks are even better. Urthbox lets you choose from four types of diets (like vegan or gluten free) in four sizes of snack boxes (from mini to large). It’s a great way to discover new products, brands, and flavors without having to actually trek to the store. Think: granola, juices, and superfood trail mixes.


$19 per month,


Stance makes some of the most comfortable underwear and socks around. The best part? Pop culture, from sports to movies, makes up a huge part of the product’s pattern wheelhouse. You can choose your preferred item (underwear or specific style of sock); how many you want (2, 3, or 4 pairs); and how often you want them (monthly or quarterly).

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Priced per item,


For some guys, the prospect of an online stylist picking out their clothes is a welcome one. For others, it’s a straight-up no-go. If you’re part of that latter camp and actually enjoy the process of building out your closet, Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe is basically your shopping secret weapon. You get three to eight items sent to you to try out, only pay for the ones you decide to keep, and return the rest with a pre-paid shipping label. It’s old-school shopping—just a billion times easier.


From $13 per bottle,


Like other wine subscription services, Winc lets you set your preferences and continues to evolve your personalization by incorporating your ratings of bottles you’ve already tried. What makes it a little different, though, is that Winc doesn’t just curate wine—it creates the stuff. So you’ll be paying—by the bottle, in minimum shipments of four bottles—for some particularly interesting, exclusive juice. Bonus: shipping is free.

Daily High Club

From $1 per month,


We can’t confirm that Daily High Club’s acronym, DHC, is a riff on THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis. But we’d like to believe that’s the case. And while it won’t provide the actual main event, as it were, DHC will provide you with everything you need to enjoy smoking—whether you’re just starting out (papers, matches) or a dedicated consumer (the “Blunt Gang November” box).

Blue Bottle Coffee

From $8,


Your daily coffee habit isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but you can save more than a few bucks by opting to brew at home. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality, either. Blue Bottle’s beans are always small batch and hand-roasted, and you can choose what’s right for your home: blended, single-origin, or espresso.


$210 for a one-year subscription,


Think of Flaviar like an extremely well-stocked speakeasy where you can try new stuff to your heart’s content—just, you know, in the comfort of your own home. The club—and it really is more of a club—will help you explore new flavors of whiskey, gin, and more in tasting boxes. If you like those, you can even buy full bottles with free shipping. The liquor ranges from well-known to rare-as-hell, so it’s particularly great for adventurous palates.


From $79.95 per 6-bottle shipment,


After an initial steal of a shipment that gets you three bottles for just $5 a pop, Firstleaf sends you six hand-selected bottles for $79.95 (plus $9.95 shipping). The service also takes your feedback into account. You start out by entering preferences—red or white?—and after that you can rank each bottle you receive, and those rankings inform future orders. It just keeps getting better.

The Tie Bar

From $45 to $259 per month,


The Tie Bar made shopping for the perfect tie (or any accessory really) much more enjoyable than it used to be. And with a subscription service, you don’t even need to shop at all; the folks at the company will do that for you. There are a ton of options for your Tie Bar subscription, so you can tailor it to your needs—socks, ties, and bow ties are all in the mix.

Dollar Shave Club

$9 per month,


Dollar Shave Club really uprooted the grooming game with its monthly subscription service. You can opt in for the products you need the most (like razors and blades) and have flexibility on delivery. Dollar Shave has expanded into the non-shaving world, too, so you aren’t limited to just hair removal. The company also offers shampoos, lotions, and body wipes.

Bean Box

From $19 per month,


You can’t go wrong with a coffee bean subscription for yourself, or given as a gift. These coffee beans allow you to try out all types of coffee, all of which have been roasted in Seattle or Portland. You choose your roast preference, frequency preference, and payment plan however you want it.

Butcher Box

$129 per box,


For big fans of meat, we bring you: Butcher Box. The meat delivery service sends you all the meat you need for a complete month of cooking, and you’re able to choose what kind you want your box to have more (or all) of: beef, chicken, and pork. No need to fret about food safety here; they come frozen and packaged tightly in an insulated box.

Wandering Bear Coffee

Prices vary,


Never drink garbage office coffee again. Wandering Bear is a subscription service delivering fresh cold brew. You could get a plan for just you, or opt your office into a company-wide office option. You can get coffee on tap (in a box) or coffee on-the-go (single-serve cartons). Either way, you’ll be saved from the perils of bad coffee.


Price per product,


Under Armour’s ArmourBox the perfect subscription choice for gym fiends. Fill out a personal profile to nail down your gym habits and goals, and you’ll receive a head-to-toe box of gear that aligns with your training. You pay per product, and receive the box every 30, 60, or 90 days.

The Menlo House Club

$60 per month,


If you’re the type of guy who likes getting a steady fix of new menswear items to rotate into your closet every month, then Menlo House Club (formerly Five Four Club) is likely your jam. For a membership fee of $60, you’ll receive a monthly package of up to three items—some of which include pants, shirts, jackets, and sweaters—from their seasonal collection. Each piece you receive will be customized to your size and preferences courtesy of a short quiz you fill out when you join. And shipping and exchanges are completely free.


Price varies,


Harry’s makes sleek, easy shave gear that streamlines the grooming process. You just create your own shave plan depending on what you need the most. You can request blades every month and shave gel every two months, shave balm and and shave cream every four months, or any combination of them all.

Vinyl Me Please

$29 per month,


The resurgence of vinyl is well-earned: A record is the best way to listen to music. Expand your taste in genres (or gift it) with a subscription to Vinyl Me Please. Each month, the company will send you a record, an album-inspired art print, and a paired cocktail recipe. You can opt for a single-month, three-month, or yearly subscription.


Starting at $15.99 per shipment,


The good news for coffee lovers is that we currently live in a world full of amazing coffee. The bad news is that, with so many choices, it can all get a little overwhelming. With Mistobox, you simply enter in your preferences, and then a coffee curator selects your perfect 12-oz bag of coffee based on your flavor profile from a list of over 300 choices. And in order to keep it as fresh as possible, the coffee isn’t roasted until you order it. The best part is you can have a bag delivered whenever you want it.

Wet Shave Club

$29.99 per month,


Having to shave is bad enough. But remembering to keep stocked up on razors, shaving cream, and various shaving accoutrements is the worst. With Wet Shave Club, you get all of those accoutrements delivered regularly to your doorstep. With your first box, you get a shaving brush, a chrome razor, 10 blades, aftershave, and a couple of other skincare extras. After that your boxes will come with a variety of soaps, aftershaves, blades, and grooming products.


$28 per month,


Sprezzabox is like Birchbox, only in reverse—you get four or five fashion accessories plus one grooming product every month. A stylist will handpick a selection of ties, socks, pocket squares, and accessories (pens, bracelets, wine stoppers, tie clips, etc.), and one grooming product, and send then them to you. It’s like manna from the postal service for the aspiring Pitti peacock.


$16 per month,


If you’re like most guys, you probably only buy underwear when you suddenly realize you’re down to your last three pairs. Or when you need to do laundry but don’t want to. With MeUndies, you get a fresh new pair every month, so you never have to remember to buy them again. And you get to choose between classic, bold, or adventurous, so you can be as wild and colorful, or reserved and conservative, as you want.

Taster’s Club

Starts at $69 per month,


If you love whiskey—not just to drink it but to bore your friends with endless details about it—then you should definitely check out Taster’s Club. Each month you get a new 750ml bottle of bourbon or scotch, and a “Whiskey 101” course guide to learn everything about it. You’ll learn things like how to properly taste and evaluate the whiskey, the distillery’s production techniques, and flavor profiles. Plus, you know…monthly whiskey restocks.

Paul Smith Sock Subscription

$235 per year,


Socks, like underwear, can be an annoying thing to stay on top of. Especially since single socks like to disappear in the laundry. With the Paul Smith Sock subscription, you get a new pair of the iconic British designer’s famously colorful socks every month. And given that bright socks have made a big comeback of late, this is especially good for the guy who likes to show a little personality around the ankle.

The RunnerBox

$20 every two months,


If you’re a serious runner, you’re going to need a lot of healthy snacks to keep your energy up. This box loads you up with gels, chews, protein shakes, nutrition bars, and a whole host of snacks, supplements, and running accessories. The company also makes boxes designed especially for cyclists and triathletes, too.


$19.99 per month,


Are you a fanboy who can’t get enough merchandise from your favorite movie, comic, or cartoon? Then LootCrate is probably going to be the subscription box of your dreams. Every month you’ll receive four to five authentic licensed collectibles—including T-shirts, coffee mugs, comic book reprints, and figurines. Some recent examples include a Stranger Things T-shirt, a reprint of Action Comics #1 (a.k.a Superman #1), and a metal Wolverine action figure. It’s basically a pop-culture smorgasbord showing up on your doorstep every month.

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