A Portable Nintendo Switch Dock Is Finally Here and It Looks Awesome

The Nintendo Switch is easily one of the greatest portable video game consoles ever released. Not only does it deliver a fantastic portable experience, but it also has a dock that makes it so you can hook your console up to the big screen.

But there’s a problem with the Switch’s dock—it’s way too big to carry around comfortably. A company known as Human Things, which also launched a wildly successful product that brought Bluetooth audio to the Switch, has created a new Switch dock that’s portable and can be taken with you wherever you go. On top of that, the Covert Dock manages to do it with all the same functionality of the full-sized Switch dock.

GENKI: Covert Dock Features

The main selling point of the Covert Dock is the size. In fact, it’s 10 times smaller than the original Switch dock, which can be a big deal if you plan to do some traveling with your Switch and luggage space is at a premium. It’s actually smaller than just the charger that comes with the Switch, but it features all of the same functions as the massive dock that comes with the console. Creating an even smaller form factor are the foldable prongs that make it even more portable.

The Covert Dock features a USB-C port for connecting the Switch, an HDMI port for hooking to the larger display, and a USB 3.1 port for connecting accessories. It’s built with a design that matches the Switch Pro controller, so it won’t look out of place when you hook your Switch up to it.

GENKI: Covert Dock Price and Availability

Human Things is seeking funding for its tiny Nintendo Switch dock on Kickstarter. The project started with a modest $50,000 goal, and of this writing, it’s already reached well over $800,000 in funding.

If you’re interested in ordering a dock for yourself, you can snag one for $59, which is on par with the price for most Nintendo Switch accessories.

Even though Human Things has already successfully delivered a Kickstarter project to market, there are still risks involved with backing this one 3 Things to Consider Before Backing a Kickstarter Project 3 Things to Consider Before Backing a Kickstarter Project Before you back your first or next Kickstarter project, here are a few things to keep in mind if you don’t want to get scammed or waste your money. Read More . Make sure to keep these in mind before you throw down your hard-earned money.

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