The 5 Best Baby Monitors If You Care About Reviews

When it comes to taking care of your child, you don’t need company spiels and glossy advertisements; you need advice from other fellow parents. As such, we’ve collected the best baby monitors on the market as decided by mothers and fathers themselves.

Here are the best baby monitors available by category.

VAVA Baby Monitor VAVA Baby Monitor Buy Now On Amazon $159.99

For a lot of parents, only hearing your baby is not enough. Sometimes you need a visual feed to double-check that everything is going smoothly. If a suitable video feed is your top priority, you need look no further than the VAVA Baby Monitor.

The video quality for this monitor is fantastic. With a large screen and crisp 720p resolution, you can always see what’s going on. When it gets dark, the monitor automatically engages a night vision mode. This gives you a clear view of your baby without needing to turn on a light and disturb them.

The camera itself can turn left and right in a 270-degree arc for a full scan of the room. It can also rotate 110 degrees up and down in case your baby crawls under the feed. If you need constant monitoring of the surroundings, enable the automatic panorama scan for a full view of the room.

What makes this one of the top baby monitors available is how you control the camera. You don’t use an app or a remote; instead, you use the controls on the monitor itself. This makes it convenient for performing quick checks on your child without the hassle of additional devices.

Unfortunately, there is no cloud-based storage or remote monitoring with this VAVA device. As such, it isn’t suitable for keeping an eye on your child while you’re out.

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor Buy Now On Amazon $79.99

Wireless baby monitors are an essential choice if you want to place the screen in a location far away from your newborn. Perhaps you want to do work in the shed without compromising on your child’s safety. In this case, a long-range signal is critical.

That’s why the HelloBaby Monitor is one of the best top-rated baby monitors for wireless use. In an outdoor environment, the signal from the monitor can reach an impressive 960ft.

Unfortunately, this number assumes both yourself and the baby are living in an empty warehouse. It’s more likely that you’ll get a shorter distance when walls and furniture get in the way of the signal.

Still, the device’s focus is long-range use, given that it has an out-of-range warning when the signal gets spotty. This feature makes it easy to find the best spot between distance and feed quality.

When it’s dark outside, the camera has a night vision mode to help you see what’s happening. You can also use the microphone on the unit to speak to your baby no matter where you are.

Peteme Baby Monitor Peteme Baby Monitor Buy Now On Amazon $39.99

The Peteme Baby Monitor is the best baby monitor for smartphone use. You can view the feed from your phone, and even have the app display notifications based on specific alerts. If you’re someone who always has their phone on them, it’s a great way to have your child’s well-being on-hand at all times.

You can view the monitor over a mobile connection, although it’s not compatible with the incoming 5G network. This feature makes it one of the best baby monitors for long-distance monitoring.

It also has an optional cloud subscription service. While you do need to pay extra for this feature, it does ensure you have recordings backed up when you can’t access the camera. As such, once your child has outgrown the monitor, it can live a second life as a security camera or pet monitor.

ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor Buy Now On Amazon $74.99

It’s essential to keep an eye on the temperature of your baby’s room to ensure it’s not too hot or cold. While most monitors do have some means of tracking temperature, the ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor is one of the best in this field.

The temperature in the room is always displayed at the top right of the feed. As such, you need not press any buttons; just a glance is all that’s required to see the current temperature.

If you are away from the unit and can’t see the temperature, the device will sound an alert if the temperature gets too hot or cold. As such, this monitor is the perfect device if keeping your baby cozy is a top priority.

While the temperature sensor is excellent, there’s no way to upload data to a cloud. So, this works best as a real-time temperature tracker, rather than a remote monitor.

Aurola Baby Video Monitor Aurola Baby Video Monitor Buy Now On Amazon $89.98

If you want multiple feeds, one camera just doesn’t cut it. You’ll need a solution that can handle various cameras at once, so you can get every angle you need to ensure your baby’s health.

The Aurola Baby Video Monitor is a fantastic choice for parents who need more than one camera. It supports up to four cameras connected to one monitor, which makes it easy to keep tabs on multiple streams.

The cameras themselves are great for strategic positioning. They can be placed on a surface or mounted onto a wall for the best coverage. Once the camera is in position, you can tilt and rotate it to get the angle just right.

While the monitor doesn’t have a cloud storage option, it does come with a lot of useful features. It has a programmable alarm to remind you of specific baby-related tasks, 4x digital zoom, and an eco-mode that automatically turns the screen off if it detects no sound for 30 seconds.

The Best Video Baby Monitor for Your Child

While parenting is very hard, you don’t have to go it alone. By making good use of the tools available to you, you can keep a close eye on your baby. From temperature monitors to crisp video feeds, you can get a status update on your child from a glance of the screen.

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