Spotify’s Family Plan Gets New Parental Controls

Spotify is updating its Premium Family plan. The new upgrade will add new parental controls including an Explicit Content Filter, a new Family Hub for managing settings and members, and a new personalized playlist called Family Mix.

What Is Spotify’s Premium Family Plan?

Most streaming services now offer family plans, and Spotify is no exception. Spotify Premium Family offers six individual accounts for people living under the same roof for $14.99/month. Which offers a huge potential saving for families.

Every member of a Spotify Premium Family plan gets their own account with saved music and playlists. And for anyone in a relationship but without kids, Spotify offers Premium Duo for couples Spotify Launches Premium Duo for Couples Spotify Launches Premium Duo for Couples Spotify Premium Duo is Spotify’s latest Premium subscription plan. And this one is designed for couples who live together. Read More . Which is another way of saving money.

Spotify Upgrades Its Premium Family Plan

Now, Spotify is upgrading its Premium Family plan. Spotify details its new and improved Premium Family plan in a post on the Spotify Newsroom. The headline is a new Explicit Content Filter setting which Spotify is adding to its parental controls.

This will allow parents to control whether their kids can play songs (or versions of songs) which contain explicit lyrics. Parents will be able to switch the Explicit Content Filter on or off for all accounts on their Spotify Premium Family plan.

This will all be controlled from the new Family Hub. Which is where the user who pays the bill will be able to change the settings, add or remove family members, change the listed home address, and adjust the various parental controls.

Spotify is also adding a new playlist called Family Mix. This will be a personalized playlist containing songs designed appeal to the whole family. The playlist will be updated regularly to mirror the family’s changing tastes.

Our Complete Guide to Parental Controls

The new parental controls will be welcome news for parents everywhere. Because it means they will no longer have to worry about their little darlings listening to songs packed full of unsavory lyrics. At least until they discover the joys of YouTube.

With kids becoming ever more tech-savvy, parents need to remain vigilant about how their children are interacting with technology. And parental controls are a part of that. So we recommend all parents read our complete guide to parental controls The Complete Guide to Parental Controls The Complete Guide to Parental Controls The world of internet-connected devices can be terrifying for parents. If you have young children, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about setting up and using parental controls. Read More .

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