Take $50 Off Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds on Amazon

Car horns. Random yelling. The train that rattles across the elevated track a block outside the window, every 10 minutes, like clockwork. These are the noises of living in a city. It’s loud. During the precious few hours we reserve for sleep, it’s endlessly frustrating to be kept awake by them. So it makes sense that the sleep aid market is booming right now. Sleep masks come in silk; there are sleep pads, weighted blankets, and high-tech sleep-tracking wearables. And there are Bose’s Sleepbuds, another kind of wearable that takes a more active role in your night’s sleep.

Using Bose Sleepbuds is fairly straightforward. You wear them to bed, and instead of having all that outside, garbage noise accost your eardrums while you try to fall asleep, you’ll hear, well, whatever you want to hear. A waterfall. Raindrops. Campfire crackles. Even a fan. The Sleepbuds smother the bad noises, making minute adjustments in frequency so all you hear from the earpieces is steady, calming ambient sound of your choice. Right now, they’re $50 off on Amazon, which means they come in at just under $200. (The same sale is happening at Nordstrom, too.)

Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds



$199.00 (20% off)

The Sleepbuds are comfortable, coming in multiple tip sizes to fit snugly. They come with a charging case that’ll give them 16 hours of juice. (If you can sleep longer than that and still function in society, please, tell us your secret.) And they’ll play an alarm in your ear when you need to get up, all rested, so you don’t have to worry about missing your phone or clock’s wakeup call. Control all that through the app after connecting the buds to your smart device via Bluetooth.

Two-hundred dollars isn’t chump change. But sleep is important—possibly important enough for you to make the investment to mask the sounds of snoring, too-loud television sets, and early-morning lawnmowers. A $50 discount on Bose’s Sleepbuds just sweetens the deal.