El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Is Officially Coming to Netflix

The rumors are true: Six years after the gripping finale of Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman will return in a new movie directed by Vince Gilligan.

Netflix announced the news Saturday after mistakenly posting the movie card on its homepage stating Aaron Paul will reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman. While details are scarce, Netflix did release an official plot description:

In the wake of his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future.

It seems El Camino will pick up where the series left off, with Pinkman on the run. In a teaser released with the announcement, Pinkman’s friend and former meth-dealing colleague Skinny Pete is being interrogated by police in regard to Pinkman’s whereabouts. Though he doesn’t give up Jesse’s location—whether he knows or not—the teaser confirms Skinny Pete is at least one other character from the Breaking Bad universe who will be featured in the new film. Here’s what Pete says in the teaser:

I don’t know what to tell you, I said like 500 times already. I don’t know where he is. I don’t know where he’s headed neither. North, south, west, east, Mexico, the moon. I don’t have a clue. But yo, even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. Cause I’ve been watching the news, same as everyone else. I see that little cage they kept him in. I heard about what all they did to him to make sure he kept cooking. So sorry, I don’t know what to tell you. No way I’m helping you people put Jesse Pinkman back inside a cage.

In this tweet, you can see the movie card Netflix accidentally published, leading to the announcement.

This post will be updated as we learn more.