Forging a FISH SPEAR That Works! | ‘Blacksmith Style’ Catch and Cook

Blacksmith, Ryan Leis and The Wooded Beardsman, forge a primitive spear from scrap metal to catch and cook a fish by the backwoods pond. The idea is to get a quick and dirty post-apocalyptic spear forged to catch a fish as if this were primitive times or if the modern food chain system totally broke down. Ryan's Channel: First we heat in the forge a piece of metal hot enough to score with a chisel all the way through. We are aiming to have only one piece forge with 3 tangs. We'll move the mass of metal out with the forging hammer and multiple heat treatments. As we draw the metal out, it will get thinner and thinner, but also more pointy. To make the fish spear, we'll use the anvil to bend the metal around on itself to form two grabbers for the fish belly and leave one in the middle as the dorsal spinner. All the points will be sharped using a hand file. Once the fish spear head is constructed, I will fasten it to a piece of wood, the haft, with some metal wire and para-cord to make it super strong. Once build, the only thing left to do is test it out on real fish. After some failure, I manage to spear a fish. We cook it over the forge with whatever we can find around, some metal plates, butter and spices (of course). Two blacksmiths can then enjoy a delicious fish cooked on the spot using tools that can be carried in the back of a Jeep. FORGING A FISH SPEAR Quick and Dirty in The Woods | Blacksmith Catch and Cook!
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