7 Inspiring Movies on Netflix That Could Change Your Life

Are you planning to kickstart a new phase of your life, or do you need motivating for a new career or relationship? Then why not start by watching these inspiring movies on Netflix.

Movies are more than just popcorn flicks. They can change the way we live, love, and even think. From kids rushing out of cinemas slinging webs from their wrists to adults realizing their greatest fear is holding them back, movies can be uplifting, inspirational, and even motivational.

Why You Should Watch Inspiring Movies on Netflix

Perhaps you’re kicking back on the sofa with the TV remote in hand. Or perhaps you’re checking your Netflix library on your phone or tablet while travelling.

You could binge-watch that comedy series you’ve already seen three times. But wouldn’t it be better to watch an inspiring movie on Netflix that could motivate you to improve your life?

If so, you’ve come to the right place, as we have compiled a list of inspiring Netflix movies.

We thoroughly recommend you watch these films whether you’re feeling inspired or need some extra motivation. Just remember to never watch movies on your smartphone Why You Should Never Watch Movies on Your Smartphone Why You Should Never Watch Movies on Your Smartphone There are countless reasons why you should never watch movies on your smartphone. Read More .

Starring Robin Williams (Mrs Doubtfire, etc.), Matt Damon (the Jason Bourne movies), and Stellan Skarsgard (Thor, Avengers Assemble), Good Will Hunting tells the story of an unrecognized genius by the name of Will Hunting (Damon).

Working as a janitor after assaulting a policeman, Hunting finds himself studying advanced mathematics with Professor Gerald Lambeau (Skarsgard). After glimpses of his hidden genius prove frustrating to build upon, Lambeau refers Hunting to a recently bereaved psychologist, Dr Sean Maguire (Williams).

Their relationship is compelling, albeit fractious, but eventually Will finds himself sharing details of his abused childhood, and working through the problems of his life and the walls he has built.

Why you should watch this:

It’s the film that put Matt Damon on the map, and Robin Williams is as amazing as ever. Which explains why the movie won three Oscars. You’ll find more to enjoy here than individual performances, however. Not least Damon’s inspiring performance—he’s arguably never been better.

By the end of the movie, your outlook on how opportunity can change lives will either be completely revised, or reaffirmed.

In Saving Mr. Banks, Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) is desperate to adapt PL Travers’ much-loved children’s novel Mary Poppins. Mrs. Travers (Emma Thompson), however, is less keen, expecting the the movie maker to produce a trivial cartoon.

Thus begins a back-and-forth tale of persuasion and realisation as Disney and Travers each jet back and forth between the UK and Los Angeles. Interspersed with flashbacks of Travers’ childhood in Australia, it soon becomes apparent (if you hadn’t already realised) that Mary Poppins isn’t what you think it is.

Why you should watch this:

By the time you’ve seen Bert chat with Mr. Banks in the denouement of Mary Poppins, you’ll have been blown away by chalk drawings and chimney sweeps. Yet this is the moment that explains the meaning behind the movie and the preceding book. Mary Poppins didn’t save Jane and Michael—she came to save their father.

Not only is that extra context delivered in Saving Mr. Banks, you also get a wonderful lead pairing in Hanks and Thompson. Then there’s the flashback scenes with Ruth Wilson (Luther) and Colin Farrell (Phone Booth) as Travers’ mother and alcoholic father, respectively.

If anything, Saving Mr Banks is as amusing, heart warming, and feel-good as Mary Poppins itself.

Starring Hugh Grant (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense), Rachel Weisz (The Mummy/The Mummy Returns), and a young Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class), About a Boy is one of several Nick Hornby novels (such as Fever Pitch) that have been adapted to the big screen.

Will Freeman (Grant) spends his life dodging responsibility while living off the royalties of a Christmas song by his father. Living by the mantra, “Every man is an island,” he accidentally finds a connection with Marcus and his suicidal mother, Fiona (Hoult and Collette).

After trying to pass Marcus off as his own to attract women, Will eventually sees the error of his ways. He concludes that “No man is an island.”

Why you should watch this:

From saving the life of a suicidal mother to dealing with bullies, and melting the icy walls of a millionaire slacker, About a Boy will leave you feeling better about everything, every single time. There’s a great soundtrack, too, written and performed by Badly Drawn Boy.

Essentially the biopic of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne), the film explores his life, career, and debilitating illness amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or motor neurone disease).

After being given two years to live while researching his thesis on black holes, Hawking carves out the most remarkable career possible, becoming a world-renowned physicist. He achieves this despite his steadily worsening condition, which eventually results in the end of his first marriage.

Including the impact of his groundbreaking book A Brief History of Time, The Theory of Everything is the closest we’ll get to knowing Professor Stephen Hawking.

Why you should watch this:

Professor Hawking achieved so much under unimaginable physical hardship. How can anyone not be inspired by this?

William Kamkwamba fixes radios in his spare time while not at school or helping his family. But when crops fail and famine strikes, he feels he must act. Kamkwamba devises a way to build a windmill-powered water pump using the electrical engineering skills he has learned at school.

Overcoming opposition from his friends and family (who largely doubt the practicality of the plan), Kamkwamba eventually harnesses the wind.

Why you should watch this:

The impact William Kamkwamba’s actions had on his people is incalculable. Who among us can say we’ve been able to save our community in such a way? There was nothing accidental about this—the technology was there, Kamkwamba just saw the opportunity, and overcame adversity.

In 1992, Eastern Europe was wracked with internal military conflict as former communist state Yugoslavia fell into civil war. With a soccer tournament scheduled for the summer, there was no way that Yugoslavia could realistically put together a team. Disqualified as a result, Denmark found themselves preparing for a tournament when they should have been on the beach.

No one expected much from the latecomers, yet manager Richard Moller Nielsen believed Denmark would win. Summer of ’92 tells the story of how Nielsen dealt with the press, players, and the Danish Football Association.

Why you should watch this:

This isn’t about the soccer. It’s about taking the opportunity, embracing it, and running with it. Sure, be prepared, but overcome the opposition with passion and drive. Note that this movie requires subtitles for non-Danish speakers.

Inspired by the title of the ex-Beatle’s fourth solo album, this 2011 documentary was directed by Martin Scorsese. It basically follows Harrison’s life from Liverpool, via the Beatles, and beyond, with contributions from friends and family. Much of the footage is previously unseen; it’s clear, however, how much he was loved by so many.

Why you should watch this:

It’s George Harrison. More reasons? OK: you cannot spend any time watching Harrison or listening to his music without being moved in some way. It doesn’t matter if it’s the magic of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, or his clarity in recalling the Beatles’ LSD experiments.

And if none of that gets you, remember that Harrison’s faith kept him going after someone attempted to murder him.

Be Inspired by These Inspiring Movies on Netflix

It isn’t every day you get the chance to sit down and choose from such a selection of uplifting movies.

Sure, you might prefer a shooter; Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible is always a strong option. But instead of the crash-bang-wallop of beating bad guys, why not kick back with a movie that has the capacity to change lives?

After all, if you’re ready to be inspired, these movies could change your life.

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