You Can Now Personalize Yelp Based on Your Interests

Yelp now lets you personalize its app based on your interests. Until now, everyone would have seen the same results based on their location. But now, those who take a couple of minutes to indicate their preferences to Yelp, will see search results geared to them.

How to Personalize the Yelp App

As outlined in a post on the Official Yelp Blog, you can now personalize Yelp based on your interests. You tell Yelp what sort of food you eat and what sort of activities you like doing, and Yelp will deliver search results based on your preferences.

As an example, Yelp explains that “a gluten-free pet owner who likes hiking and brunch will see a very different homescreen and search experience than a vegetarian parent who loves donuts, farmer’s markets and breweries.”

To personalize Yelp, you just need to indicate your preferences. These include your dietary preferences (such as vegan or gluten-free), food and drink preferences (which cuisines you enjoy eating), and favorite things to do (such as music bars and farmers’ markets).

Once done, the app will update in realtime, surfacing businesses and activities more likely to appeal to you. If your interests change, you can update your preferences and the app will adapt. You’ll also be able to see why Yelp is showing you specific results.

Download: Yelp for Android | iOS

It’s Time to Update the Yelp App

The option to personalize Yelp is coming to iOS first, so keep updating the app until you see the feature. Meanwhile, the new Search functionality is already available on Android, with the full experience becoming available over the next year.

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