Google Has a Fix to Stop Google Calendar Spam

Google is working on a fix to stop Google Calendar spam. Which is hitting more and more people every week. And while Google’s permanent fix isn’t ready yet, there is a way to stop Google Calendar spam right now by tweaking a few settings.

Spammers Start Targeting Google Calendar

Spam has traditionally been sent via email. And everyone in the world who has been on the internet for a few hours will have been targeted by it. But while spam is annoying, email filters means spam rarely makes it to your inbox these days.

However, that hasn’t put spammers out of business. Instead, they’ve just looked for new avenues to spread their nonsense. Which now includes Google Calendar. Thankfully, there’s a temporary fix, and Google is now working on a more permanent solution.

Google Is Working on a Calendar Spam Fix

In a post on the Google Calendar Help Center, Google says that it’s “aware of the spam occurring in Calendar and are working diligently to resolve this issue.” There’s no timeline as to when the fix will be issued, with Google thanking us for our patience.

Regardless, it’s good to know Google is working on a fix. And in the meantime there’s a simple way to stop Google Calendar spam. This will limit some aspects of Google Calendar, hence it isn’t a permanent fix, but it will at least stop the spam.

How to Stop Google Calendar Spam

  1. Go to Google Calendar on the web.
  2. Click the Settings cog and open Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Event Settings.
  4. Click “Automatically add invitations” and select “No, only display invitations to which I have replied”.
  5. Scroll down to Events From Gmail.
  6. Uncheck “Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar”.

Changing these two settings should prevent you from being hit with Google Calendar spam. First, events sent to Gmail won’t automatically be added to Google Calendar. Secondly, invitations will only be displayed if you have replied to them.

How to Stop Other Types of Spam

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