CRICKET Catch, Clean, Cook (Like BUTTER POPCORN!!!)

My son Holden and I search for crickets and grasshoppers in order to catch, clean, and cook them over an open fire made by primitive bow drill in the woods. Holden shows off his bow-drill skills and we both construct a delicious wild meal together. We will show you how to clean crickets for eating and how to clean and prepare grasshoppers and crickets for eating. Cleaning grasshopper and crickets for eating is really simple, just twist off the head and the intestines should come with it. Next remove the legs for sure and wings (if you want). Then just rinse the crickets and grasshoppers in water to clean off the rest of the intestines. Next boil for 3 minutes, and then fry in hot oil with spices of your choice. I used my special spice, Woodobo. Eating crickets and grasshoppers is very much like eating popcorn and takes on whatever spice you prefer. Even my wife likes eating these insects. Crickets and grasshoppers are very high in protein and may some day replace other kinds of meats. They are abundant during some times of the year and can be caught in massive quantities easily. Be safe when eating any kind of insect including grasshoppers and crickets as they often contain parasites including nematodes and other worms that can be very dangerous if ingested without proper cooking. MEDIA Website (For Email Alerts):
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