Mercku M2 Swarm: Powerful Insect-Themed Mesh Wi-Fi Buzzes On

Ever wanted a swarm of bees in your house? Well, now you can thanks to Mercku’s M2 Swarm System, a powerful plug and play mesh Wi-Fi system you can use to fill your home with glorious signal. 

Mercku’s Swarm System consists of Queen Routers and Bee Nodes. The simple but effective idea is that you combine your Queens and your Bees to make a massive mesh Wi-Fi network covering your entire home, office, or otherwise, up to a range of over 22,000 feet. Yup—your network can extend to over 6 kilometers using a combination of Mercku Queen Routers and Bee Nodes. Now, I’m sure most of us don’t live in such places, but it does allow your network to extend deep into your garden, throughout your flat, over multiple floors, or onward.

mercku m2 queen router

Aside from the massive combined network range, the Queen and the Bee both have decent hardware under the hood.

The Queen packs a high performance WHEMS antenna, 1GHz CPU, 128 MB RAM, two gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB 2.0 port, and 1GB flash memory into a neat package. The Queen (and the Bee Nodes) provide Wi-Fi speeds up to 300Mbps over a 2.4GHz connection, and up to 867Mbps over a 5.0GHz connection. The Bee Nodes have very similar specifications to the larger Queen model, but do not have the additional USB 2.0 connection. 

mercku bee node

Regardless, as the Bee uses the same hardware as the Queen it allows you to build a fast mesh Wi-Fi network without compromising on hardware.

Mercku’s Swarm System also has a few tricks up its sleeve, targeting network security and parental controls. You can establish different time controls for specific devices, allowing you to switch off your children’s network before bed or homework time. Similarly, you can control the network speed for individual devices at specific times. When it is time for the kids to start their homework, you can limit the device speed to allow easy browsing, but making video streaming or online gaming difficult.

Most of all, routers should look stylish and sleek, allowing you to display it rather than tucking it away under the stairs or in a cupboard. I’m happy to say that the Mercku Swarm System fits the bill perfectly, and will look good almost wherever you decide to display it. I would also add that the Mercku Swarm System is extremely well priced, given the standard range for a single Queen router (up to 6,000 feet). The standard Queen Router pack will set you back $299, but that price includes three Queens, allowing you to provide Wi-Fi signal to your entire neighbourhood if you should so choose.

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