Miele’s Smart Kitchen Appliances Work Far Better than You’d Imagine

Miele’s push towards total kitchen dominance is just getting started. The luxury appliances manufacturer recently demonstrated a trio of intelligent, connected appliances, through which it aims to take the stress out of cooking.

Steaks frying on Miele smart stovetop

Miele’s latest induction hob works in conjunction with the app (available on both Android and iOS devices). This app issues instructions to the stovetop, which works in conjunction with you, the cook, and the on-board physical controls.

The premise is simple: recipes are provided through the app. There are only fifteen right now, but more are coming. When you’re ready to start cooking, the app turns the stovetop on. It heats the pan to the exact temperature required (so no more over or under cooking). It uses two temperature sensors to achieve this. The app knows how long to maintain the heat for. By following the instructions to season the dish and rotate the food, you end up with perfectly cooked, restaurant-quality food every time.

Miele cook assist app

It’s possible to use the stove without the app at all, but both exist to complement each other. Buttons on the stove itself let you proceed to the next stage of the recipe, or start the timer.

The stove communicates with the hood. This hood looks like a device out of a science fiction movie. It contains a filter, extractor fan, and smart lighting. It’s also compatible with Alexa. The stove tells the hood what temperature it’s currently cooking at and the duration. The hood uses this information to intelligently enable or disable the extractor fan, along with periodically issuing bursts of fragrance.

Miele smart extractor fan

The hood is also a work of art. It’s suspended from the ceiling through four attachment points, which also provide the mains power it needs to operate.

At IFA 2019 I experienced a live demonstration of Miele’s cook assist stove, app, and extractor hood, and it was remarkable. It all worked together seamlessly, and provided the experience we all think of when we consider technology. Of course the extractor fan should come on when you’re using the stove, yet few products actually exist to do this. Miele’s smart kitchen appliances are set to launch in April 2020, and we’re looking forward to a smart kitchen that is more than a gimmick.

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