Chrissy Teigen Has a Long, Hilarious History of Dunking on Donald Trump

Christine “Chrissy” Teigen is, by all accounts, the Mayor of Twitter. She’s a bright light on that godforsaken website, where She’s covered everything from parenting to recipes, but at her very best, she’s just riffing on the day’s biggest news. In the process, she’s established quite a critical voice when it comes to Donald Trump. Don’t call it filthy-mouthed or scathing or hilarious—just call her Chrissy.

On Sunday night, after not getting name dropped by pop artist John Legend during an appearance on MSNBC, Trump called the couple out on his favorite social media platform, mentioning Teigen only as Legend’s “filthy-mouthed wife.” Not one to disappoint, she called him a “pussy ass bitch.”

But this wasn’t the first time she effortlessly dunked on Trump. Not at all. Teigen has a long, hilarious history full of everything from nuanced political analysis to simply calling Trump a “fucking idiot.” Below, here’s a smattering of her best Trump burns, with more coming every day to help you navigate the hellscape of the dumbest years in recent American history.

She came in hot! Because if you stay hating, you don’t have to start hating.

There’s the classic, straight-forward assessments that range from calling him a brat, to inferring that the president is fully unhinged.

And then there’s the nuanced analysis that draws some pretty thoughtful comparisons.

Of the infamous “covfefe” incident

There’s also the issue of Trump once blocking Teigen before it was made illegal for a sitting president to block anyone.

And of course, because it’s Twitter, there is some bananas content.

And one final note on being a “filthy-mouthed wife,” but from 2017.