SLINGBOW POND Fishing Attempt (+BONUS) FREEZING Water Snorkel Spearfish!

I warm up the slingbow sent to me by Simple Shot on some cagey rainbow trout at the pond. The slingbow is coupled up with arrows and reel from RPM bowfishing. I haven't shot the slingbow very much, but figured it's best to just dive right in. The arrows might be a little oversized for the pond fish, but it's not too late to adjust my set-up. I do manage to get a trophy pond rainbow trout which I prepared to eat with my family and it was super delicious! Slingshots, slingbows (Simpleshot): RPM Bowfishing (arrows, reels): I also go for a dive in the super cold water pond with snorkel and mask to try to pole spear some fish, as promised. I get quite a bit better with the pole spear as you will see in the video! MEDIA Website (For Email Alerts):
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