Doro 8080: High-End Phone for Seniors

The first high-end phone designed for seniors is coming to Europe and the United States in 2019. The phone includes such features as a special launcher, an SOS button, and a user interface designed for those with visual impairment, cognitive decline associated with dementia, and other disabilities associated with age.

this is a shot from the side of the doro 8080 smartphone

Unique among senior phones, Doro’s newest model, the Doro 8080, offers premium specifications and a beautiful iPhone-like design aesthetic. It also comes with Android 9.0, the latest version of Google’s operating system. Doro also produces a semi-smart flip phone called the Doro 7060 which includes LTE-network connectivity, a 2.8-inch color display, 3MP camera, and social media features. But it otherwise does not offer smart features.

How Do Doro Phones Work?

It works like this: all the user needs to do is tap on the Search icon. The interface then switches from the Doro launcher into a simplified interface that can assist the user with various applications. Within the simplified launcher are a messaging, email, call log, and media sub-sections that sport increased text and icon sizes for those with imperfect eyesight.

Doro phones include a search feature that breaks apps down into easier to use and read elements

Like some of Doro’s other models, the 8080 also includes augmented audio frequencies, specifically designed to be heard by those with some forms of hearing impairment. Generally speaking, as we age, the higher frequencies tend to become less audible. Doro solves this issue by ramping up the higher frequencies.

This photo shows the audio augmentation that doro packs in its phones for seniors

Doro makes a lot of devices and offers an entire range of phones for seniors, such as the Doro 8035 and 8040. They’re both fully smart, with assistive features for using applications.

Doro also makes “dumb phones” (also known as feature phones) that cater to a less sophisticated audience.

Who (or What) Is Doro?

Doro is a Swedish startup specializing in making assistive cellular phones for seniors. Their products in the past focused mostly on rugged models flip phones, candy bar-styled designs, and clam-shell retro models, all without the now ubiquitous smart features we take for granted in modern designs.

The Doro 8035 and 8040 smart phones are essentially the same phone but with slightly different hardware configurations. Both phones include assistive features which make using the phone a snap for both the elderly and children.

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