The 13 Best Compression Pants for Men

Compression tights: You might feel like Mark Ruffalo squeezing into a motion-capture suit at first, but hear me out. Stretchy, techy pants are perfect for working out in the winter—aside from keeping your legs warm, obviously, they help shorten recovery time and prevent cramping. And keep you from chafing! That’s a plus, too. We’ve rounded up the best 13 pairs of compression tights out there, so you won’t have to go baggy, all-gray-sweats-everything when you do your Rocky runs outside this winter.

Pro Three-Quarter Training Tights



Do these pants feel like how you’d imagine a mo-cap suit would fit? Good! That means you’re doing it right.

Alphaskin Sport 3-Stripes Tights



For any kind of athletic wear, you can never wrong with Adidas.

Sliq Performance Leggings



Going jogging in a nearby forest? Don’t know why you’d do that, but throw on some camo compression pants for the hell of it. 

Under Armour ColdGear® [REGULAR]

Under Armour


If wearing compression pants feels strange at first, give it a day⁠—you’ll notice how quickly your muscles recover. 

Men’s Tights Nike Pro Dri-FIT Therma



For something sweat-resistant, any of Nike’s Dri-FIT offerings will have you covered.

Fulton 3/4 Length Compression Pants – Compact Sports Activewear – Made in America



WOLACO’s pants have a nifty sleeve for your phone, if you’re tired of gripping it while you’re running.

ColdGear® Run [REGULAR]

Under Armour


Make like UA athlete Steph Curry and snag this pair for long training runs. 

Accelerate G2 Compression Tights



Pro tip: Find yourself a pair with a reflective patch, so you can stay safe on those ambitious night runs of yours.

Satoro AR Wool-Blend Nucliex Base Layer Tights



You know what’s really the best thing about compression tights? A good pair saves you from chafing.

Windsor Stretch-Jersey Compression Tights

Iffley Road


Made from stretch-jersey material, Iffley Road’s pair is best for that 5K you’ve been training for. 

Turnover Inverno Blend Tights



Tracksmith’s pair is extra warm, with soft fleece worked in.

+ GYAKUSOU Helix NRG Logo-Print Dri-FIT Running Tights

Nike x Undercover


Nike’s collab with Undercover serves up a sweet pair that has four pockets for all your swag.

Iron Stretch-Jersey Compression Tights

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System


If you want to invest in a pair that’ll last you for years, this pair from FALKE is your best bet.