AMAZING 6-Day SURVIVAL CHALLENGE in Off Grid Small Cabin (Win or Loss?) | 6 of 6

In Episode 6 of our 6-day long survival challenge, we begin, like every other day, on an archery deer hunt. We follow this up by checking our live traps for raccoon and find some success. The day is topped off with some fresh made apple cobbler including acorn, and maple syrup. We do a deep clean of the cabin, and inventory all our extra wild foods which Jeremy will take home to use in his "big wild year." As an exit meal, Steve, mushroom expert, prepares wild mushrooms, and goose medallions cooked fresh inside the cabin. We weight ourselves to see if we've managed to balance our calories during the survival challenge. My Gear (Shop and Support): FULL SEASON 6 PLAYLIST: In this 6-day long survival challenge, we test our limits, skill, and ability to maintain our body weight and thrive only eating wild foods that we scavenge, forage, collect, trap, hunt and fish, in and around the cabin. Jeremy (One Wildcrafter): In Episode 1 of our 6-day long survival challenge, we settle into cabin life in the woods. First we wake up to a squirrel hunt, which was supposed to be an archery deer hunt, just without deer. We spot a turkey, but it won't come into our mouth calls. We give the raccoon call a try without much success either. Afterwards, we take a walk on our 40 acres to check our baited live traps set for raccoon. We are using a combination of haveahart-style traps and an Advanced Trap which can catch all kinds of big animals up to the size of a coyote. We collect wild or feral apples and also show you how to prepare black walnuts for eating as a wild edible. We finish the day off with wild apple cobbler made fresh with maple syrup and leached acorns. This entire season is about homesteading, but we are also looking at collecting as many wild foods as possible in order to send Jeremy home with some surplus foods for his "big wild year." We will pursue all kinds of wild animals including beaver, raccoon, skunk, whitetail deer, squirrel, possum, crow, grouse, duck, goose, pigeon, porcupine, bullfrog, fish, bear, apples, black walnuts, wild grapes, burdock roots and whatever else makes the mistake of crossing our path. We will use a variety of tools including live traps, bows, crossbows, shotgun, and fishing rod. Our ultimate goal of this survival challenge is to not only survive, but thrive. We aim not to lose any body weight, but instead look at this challenge as a long term situation where calories in need to match calories out, sustainability. Season 6 of our Wilderness Living Challenge will take place out of our homestead, off grid cabin complete with solar power, and battery bank system in order to help us make more use of the foods and resources we are able to collect. MEDIA Website (For Email Alerts):
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