Need MEAT for Weird DATE NIGHT (at the CABIN)!!! | ICE-FISH the POND and Terrible Squirrel Hunt

I am in search of WILD MEAT for my wife so I can treat her to a date night at the small off grid cabin in the woods. We look for squirrel, deer, and fish! 20% off EPIC promo codes and links below! – 20% off Chicken Sriracha, Bison, Venison (Dec 2-Dec 22), use Code 20EPICBARS link: – 20% off Beef Apple Bacon Bar (Dec 2-22), use Code 20EPICBEEF19 link: I start off by making a bait pile for black and gray squirrels with corn and black walnuts. I am really hoping to attract more wildlife like raccoons, and deer, but I would be happy to get a squirrel, or anything wild to eat for a special dinner. Having a challenge with the squirrel hunting, I resort to a pond fish for rainbow trout, but we find out that it's been iced over, so we use the kayak and ice auger to bust through and try our hand at ice fishing the big pond. My Gear (Shop and Support): In part 2, which follows, my wife and I will meet up with me and we'll do a proper wilderness date night as a woodsman! Episode 2 link: MEDIA Website (For Email Alerts):
Merch (t-shirts):
– Lyndon Trout Pond:
– The Dug Out Dude:
– Pelican Kayaks: SPONSORS – Woodobo Spice: – Trail Cameras (Browning):
– Flashlights (O-light): [use code "woodbeard" for 10% off] Olight USA:
Olight Canada: – Slingshots, slingbows (Simpleshot): – Camo (ASAT): [use code "WoodBeard" to get 10% off] CABIN SPONSORS – Inergy Apex Solar Power (Discount Code: BEARDSMAN):
– Norwood Portable Sawmill:
– Eastonmade Wood Splitter:
– Briggs and Stratton:
– Vic West (Roof):
– inergy (Solar):
– Flooring: #lyndonfishingpond #lyndonfishfriday #TroutPond #StockingTrout

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