The Safari Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Safari is one of the best browsers for Mac users and beats Chrome on many counts.

Have you decided to stick with this native macOS app for browsing? Then it’s time to take your Safari experience a notch or two higher by adding a few choice shortcuts to your workflow. Take your pick from the shortcuts we’ve compiled in the cheat sheet below. (Using them all is even better!)

The cheat sheet contains several keyboard shortcuts as well as link-based shortcuts for handling tabs, bookmarks, webpage content, and more. These shortcuts can save you loads of time as you surf the web.

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The Safari Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Shortcut Action
Tab and Window Management
Cmd + N Open new window
Shift + Cmd + N Open new private window
Cmd + T Open new tab
Option + Cmd + T Open new tab at end of tab bar
¹Cmd + L Select address bar content
¹Cmd + Return Open address bar URL in new background tab
Shift + Cmd + Return Open address bar URL in new foreground tab
²Cmd + click Open link in new background tab
²Option + Cmd + click Open link in new background window
²Shift + Cmd + click Open link in new foreground tab
²Option + Shift + Cmd + click Open link in new foreground window
³Cmd + M Minimize current window
Cmd + W Close current tab
Option + Cmd + W Close all tabs except current tab
Shift + Cmd + W Close current window
Option + Shift + Cmd + W Close all windows
⁴Cmd + Shift + T Reopen last closed tab/window
Control + Tab OR
Shift + Cmd + ]
Switch to next tab
Shift + Control + Tab OR
Shift + Cmd + [
Switch to previous tab
⁵Cmd + 1/2/… Switch to first tab/second tab/…
Cmd + 9 Switch to last tab i.e. tab at end of tab bar
⁶Option + Cmd + 1,2..9 Open first/second/… bookmark listed under Favorites
Shift + Cmd + \ Toggle Tab Overview
Option + click Close button Close all tabs except tab whose close button you clicked
Cmd + Q Quit Safari
Webpage Content
Up Arrow Scroll up
Down Arrow Scroll down
Left Arrow Scroll left
Right Arrow Scroll right
Option + Arrow key Scroll in larger increments
Spacebar OR
Page Down
Scroll down a screen
Shift + Spacebar OR
Page Up
Scroll up a screen
Cmd + Up Arrow OR
Fn + Left Arrow OR
Scroll to top of webpage
Cmd + Down Arrow OR
Fn + Right Arrow OR
Scroll to bottom of webpage
Cmd + + Zoom in on webpage content
Cmd + – Zoom out of webpage content
Option + Cmd + + Make webpage text bigger
Option + Cmd + – Make webpage text smaller
Cmd + 0 Restore webpage content to default size
Cmd + R Reload webpage
Option + Cmd + R Reload webpage from origin i.e. without using browser cache
Cmd + . Stop webpage from loading
Cmd + ] OR
Cmd + Right Arrow
Go to next page in history
Cmd + [ OR
Cmd + Left Arrow
Go to previous page in history
Hold Back/Forward toolbar button View history of current tab in a list
Shift + Cmd + H Go to homepage
Option + Cmd + S Search results SnapBack
Cmd + F Find text on page
Cmd + F
Cmd + E
Find selected text on page
Cmd + G OR
Move forward through matching text results
Shift + Cmd + G OR
Shift + Return
Move backward through matching text results
Reading and Bookmarks – I
Shift + Cmd + R Toggle Reader view for current webpage
Cmd + D Save current webpage as bookmark
Shift + Cmd + D Add current webpage to Reading List
⁷Option + Cmd + Down Arrow Load next Reading List item
⁷Option + Cmd + Up Arrow Load previous Reading List item
Click bookmark in sidebar or double-click in Bookmarks Editor Open bookmark
Shift + click Add linked page to Reading List
Cmd + click folder in Favorites bar Open all bookmarks from folder
Drag bookmark to left/right in Favorites bar Move bookmark
Drag bookmark off Favorites bar Remove bookmark
⁸Reading and Bookmarks – II
⁹Cmd + click Select/deselect bookmark/folder
¹⁰Shift + click Select multiple bookmarks/folders
Cmd + double-click Open bookmark in new background tab
Option + Cmd + double-click Open bookmark in new background window
Shift + Cmd + double-click Open bookmark in new foreground tab
Option + Shift + Cmd + double-click Open bookmark in new foreground window
Spacebar Open selected bookmark OR
Toggle contents of selected bookmark folder
Right Arrow Open selected folder
Left Arrow Close selected folder
Return Highlight name of selected bookmark/folder for editing OR
Finish editing name of bookmark/folder
Delete Deleted selected bookmark/folder
Browser Layout and Views
³Cmd + , Open Preferences
Shift + Cmd + B Toggle Favorites bar
Cmd + / Toggle status bar
Shift + Cmd + L Toggle sidebar
Control + Cmd + 1 Toggle Bookmarks sidebar
Control + Cmd + 2 Toggle Reading List sidebar
Shift + Cmd + \ Toggle Tab Overview
¹¹Option + Cmd + L Toggle Downloads
Option + Cmd + B Show Bookmarks Editor
Control + Cmd + F Toggle Full Screen view
Cmd + Y Show browser history
Esc Quit Full Screen mode OR
Quit Reader View
Option + Cmd + R Toggle Responsive Design mode
Option + Cmd + I Show Web Inspector
Option + Shift + Cmd + I Connect Web Inspector
Option + Cmd + C Show JavaScript Console
Option + Cmd + U Show Page Source
Option + Cmd + A Show Page Resources
Option +Shift + Cmd + T Start/stop timeline recording
Shift + Cmd + C Start/stop element selection
Option + Cmd + E Empty browser caches
Other Shortcuts
Cmd + O Open file
Option + click file link Download linked file
Double-click file in Downloads list Open downloaded file
Cmd + I Email link to current page

¹Use Cmd + L and Cmd + Return in that order to duplicate current tab quickly.

²Shortcut works with bookmarks in Favorites bar also.

³Shortcut works in other macOS apps also.

⁴The Undo shortcut Cmd + Z also works as long as the Close Tab action was the most recent one. Neither shortcut can reopen private browsing tabs and windows.

⁵Shortcut works only for first eight tabs from left.

⁶Shortcut works only for first nine tabs from left. Folders and bookmarks within them don’t count.

⁷Shortcut works only when Reading List sidebar is open.

⁸Shortcuts work in Bookmarks Sidebar and Bookmarks Editor.

⁹Shortcut also lets you select multiple, non-contiguous bookmarks/folders.

¹⁰Shortcut works with contiguous bookmarks only.

¹¹Shortcut does not work when Downloads list is empty.

Personalize Safari for a Better Workflow

Despite being less versatile than popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, Safari remains the top choice for Mac users thanks to its seamless integration with macOS.

To make the best of Safari, personalize it with our Safari customization guide The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Safari on Mac The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Safari on Mac Make Safari an even better browser for your Mac by customizing it. Here’s how to tweak it to your liking. Read More , keep it in top shape with our tips for boosting browser speed and performance and of course, use the shortcuts we’ve listed above.

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