Use Android’s Focus Mode to Avoid Distractions

Google has officially launched Focus Mode on Android. This feature, which is part of Google’s suite of Digital Wellbeing tools, was previously available in beta. Now, most people running Android 10, and some running Android 9, can use Focus Mode.

In a nutshell, Focus Mode makes it easier to focus on the task at hand. Hence the name. It does this by helping you avoid distractions from your smartphone. And you do this by using Focus Mode to temporarily pause the apps you find distracting.

How to Use Focus Mode on Android

Google launched Focus Mode out of beta in a post on The Keyword. The company describes Focus Mode as a tool that “helps you get things done by temporarily pausing apps so you can focus on the task at hand.” Essentially putting you back in control.

Focus Mode lets you temporarily pause the apps you find distracting. Whether that’s games that keep sucking you back in or social media platforms which notify you of new things to see. Either way, Focus Mode lets you silence these apps to avoid distractions.

To access Focus Mode on your Android smartphone (if it’s available), open the Settings and scroll down to Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls. Click this then find Focus Mode hidden within a submenu titled Ways to Disconnect.

All you do is select the apps you personally find distracting. Then, you can either schedule a time for Focus Mode to switch on and off, or turn it on and off manually. You can also take a break from Focus Mode if and when you need some downtime.

Other Digital Wellbeing Experiments

Focus Mode has been available in beta on Android 10 for a while, so you may already be using it. However, it’s now available to everyone who has access to the Digital Wellbeing app. This applies to all handsets running Android 10, plus some running Android 9.

Google is getting serious about Digital Wellbeing. So, to complement the tools built into Android, Google launched Digital Wellbeing Experiments Google Launches Apps to Reduce Your Smartphone Use Google Launches Apps to Reduce Your Smartphone Use Google has launched its Digital Wellbeing Experiments. These are apps to “help people find a better balance with technology”. Read More . These are experimental apps designed to reduce your smartphone use, and are well worth checking out.

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