Holiday Movie Tournament: What Film Deserves the Title of Best Funny Holiday Movie?

The year is almost over, but the holiday season is in full swing

It’s also time for another round of our Holiday Movie Tournament, where your votes will determine what is the Best Holiday Movie of all time!

You’ve already sounded off on the Best Classic Holiday Movie and that you and your loved ones gather up to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas as the Best Family Holiday Movie, but there are two more categories to go.

This round is all about the movies that combine the spirit of the holidays with hilarity! The contenders for the Best Funny Holiday Movie include everything from animated films to raunchy comedies, all of which make us laugh out loud.

Does your go-to funny film star a comedy icon? If so, you may be partial to Elf with Will Ferrellor 8 Crazy Nights featuring Adam Sandler.

Perhaps the film that makes you laugh also brings you some old-school nostalgia, like the late ’80s flick Scrooged or ’90s classic Jingle All the Way.

Then again, you may be more naughty than nice, and like edgier films such as Bad Santa or The Night Before that feature plenty of wild antics.

Or, you could still be missing the spooky season of Halloween, and like to turn on Krampus which brings some comedy-horror to what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year.

Maybe you’ve entirely checked out of the whole holiday season by now, and watching the couple in Christmas with the Kranks forgo their Christmas traditions has you nodding in agreement.

Really, all of the above are perfect for the holiday queue, but only one can walk away with the title.

Sound off below on which you think is the Best Funny Holiday Movie ever made. Then, be sure to check back on Thursday of what films will duke it out for the Best Romantic Holiday Film.

Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel, Elf

New Line Cinema

Jingle All the Way, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christmas Movies

20th Century Fox

Holiday Movie Tournament - Bad Santa - 2003

Dimension Films/Kobal/Shutterstock

The Night Before


Holiday Movie Tournament - Krampus - 2015


8 Crazy Nights

Meatball Animation

Bill Murray, Scrooged

Mirage Studios

Christmas With the Kranks, Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis

Columbia Pictures