Elizabeth Hurley Claims She and Queen Elizabeth II Have the Same Stalker

Elizabeth Hurley, Queen Elizabeth

Jim Spellman/Getty Images, Samir Hussein/WireImage

Elizabeth Hurley appeared on Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and claimed she and Queen Elizabeth II have the same stalker. 

The topic came up after a caller asked the 54-year-old actress about her “craziest fan interaction.”

“In the office in London, we have a file called nutters,” the celebrity said, “and every time, well, particular people send letters—they still send, you know, mail—they have to go into the nutter file. There’s one nutter who—I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say this—but he only stalks two people: I’m one of them and the other is the Queen of England.”

She then claimed she and The Queen are notified by Scotland Yard every time this person changes location.

“I probably shouldn’t be saying any of this on TV,” Hurley added. “Take it all back!”

While Hurley isn’t an actual member of the royal family, she did play Queen Helena on E!’s The Royals for a number of years.

She now appears in Marvel’s Runaways.

This wasn’t the only subject Hurley discussed during her time on the Bravo late-night show. She also talked with fellow guest Stephen Dorff about their dream collaborators.

Watch the video to see the interview. 

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