7 RSS Feeds for the Movies Addict

With so many movies rumored, produced, and released every day, it can be hard to keep on top of them all. Fortunately, there are plenty of movie RSS feeds that deliver all the news to your favorite reader.

Here is our collection of RSS movie links, and where each one shines.

What Is an RSS Feed?

If you’re not sure what an RSS feed is, it’s a good idea to grab an RSS reader before you proceed to the entries. When you click on an RSS feed without a reader for it, you’ll see a mess of data.

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1. Roger Ebert

The Roger Ebert Website

If you refuse to see a movie until you hear what the critics have to say, why not subscribe to the Roger Ebert movie website?

Roger Ebert was a movie critic from 1967 until 2013 and won a Pulitzer Prize for criticism in 1975. After his passing in 2013, his website was kept alive by critics who wanted to continue his legacy. As such, the site is home to a group of critics who review new releases.

This website is a good pick if you want reviews, and you’re not interested in news or gossip. You can also subscribe to their membership club for $20 a year, which gives you more insight into the movie world and access to movies you can stream.

To subscribe to this feed, open the Roger Ebert RSS feed in your favorite RSS reader.

2. MovieWeb

The MovieWeb website

If you’re looking for a range of different movie topics, try MovieWeb. The website covers just about anything related to movies. If you want reviews, trailers, or talk about potential castings, MovieWeb has you covered.

The best part is, MovieWeb breaks up their RSS into different feeds. That way, you can pick and choose which sections you want to read, and which you want to leave out. As far as selection goes, the sky’s the limit; you can pick from TV news, movie news, CD and DVD news, and even interviews with celebrities.

If you want MovieWeb’s RSS links for English movie news and releases, you can find all their links on the MovieWeb RSS feed page.

3. Screen Rant

The ScreenRant website

If you’d rather receive all kinds of movie information in a single feed, Screen Rant has you covered. The website covers every possible topic; news, reviews, and previews, for example. Screen Rant also features podcasts, which gives movie fans something to listen to on the daily transit to work.

Screen Rant covers a vast amount of content, such as movies, TV, comics, and gaming. The RSS feed doesn’t differentiate between these topics, so you’ll need an avid interest in those topics if you want to get the most out of their feed.

The website also writes listicles, such as Al Pacino’s 10 Best Movies (According to IMDb). While these kinds of articles are not to everybody’s tastes, they can be a fun read for those who appreciate the format. It’s worth checking out their listicle articles and see if they’re to your liking before you subscribe.

Point your RSS reader toward the Screen Rant RSS feed if you’d like to subscribe to them.

4. Coming Soon

The ComingSoon Website

Are you also interested in television and video games? Then you should give Coming Soon a shot. As the website name suggests, Coming Soon’s primary focus is on what’s on the horizon. It also covers the bleeding edge of movies and video game releases, so you can stay in-the-know on what’s available.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to split the RSS feed into different categories. As such, you should only subscribe if you want to get updates on all the topics they cover. If their categories match your interests, however, you’ll find Coming Soon a fantastic one-stop-shop for all your news.

If you’d like the RSS channel link, visit the Coming Soon’s RSS page to subscribe.

5. Cinema Blend

The CinemaBlend website

If you like the idea of gaming and television news but you want control over your feeds, Cinema Blend is a good choice. You can pick and choose what appears on your feed, or sign up to the lot if they all fit your needs.

Cinema Blend is especially useful if you love your superhero movies. There’s an entire section dedicated to bringing you comic book and movie news about our favorite heroes. From news about upcoming films to actor news and other movie recommendations, there’s a lot to love.

Check out Cinema Blend’s RSS page for a full summary of their feeds.

6. Film Festivals

The FilmFestivals website

Want to stay up to date on the newest film festivals? Then why not subscribe to an RSS feed that keeps you in the loop about them?

The Film Festivals website is all about keeping movie addicts informed about the festival scene. These articles are accessible via an RSS feed, which you can customize. If you prefer to hear about only animated films, or if you love documentaries, you can choose the RSS feeds for those specific niches.

The website does offer other RSS feeds related to the world of movies. For example, there’s a separate feed for news of the award winners and a feed for movie professionals looking to make their mark on the cinematic world.

Visit the Film Festivals RSS page to see all the choices.

7. Fandango

The Fandango Website

If you want to know what movies are out now in cinemas, what better way to keep on track than with a ticket sales company?

Fandango sells seats for the latest blockbusters, so their RSS feeds focus on movie releases. Just pick the genres that you want to track and have the most recent announcements appear on your RSS reader.

If you want to see what’s on the horizon, Fandango has RSS feeds for movie trailers too. The website separates each feed by genre, so you can subscribe to the ones that interest you and keep tabs on any future releases that may look good.

Fandango also has a news section on its website, which also has an RSS feed. Unfortunately, the news isn’t as well-updated as some of the above examples, but it is there if you decide that Fandango is your movie home on the internet.

If you want an RSS link for movie releases near you, the Fandango RSS page shows every feed they have available.

Exploring the World of Movies

The internet is the perfect home for the movie addict. You can get news, trailers, and box office stats at the click of a mouse. There are plenty of RSS feeds to keep on top of this information, so pick the ones that suit your needs best.

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