Recover Deleted Files and Manage NTFS Drives With This Mac Software Bundle

Most of the time, computers do a great job of keeping our data safe and organized. But just occasionally, files get lost or become inaccessible. The iBoysoft Data Recovery + NTFS for Mac Bundle helps you keep things running smoothly, with two great apps for file management. This dynamic duo includes a powerful data recovery app and a lightweight NTFS driver, meaning you can access Windows-formatted drives. You can pick up the bundle now for $19 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Recovery and Access

Some files are just too precious to lose. If you ever accidentally delete your family photos, or your tax records get corrupted, iBoysoft Data Recovery will save the day.

This well-reviewed app allows you to recover any file in three easy steps. You simply select the drive, run a scan, and choose what you want to recover. iBoysoft can recover photos, videos, documents, emails, music files, and even entire partitions.

In terms of drives, the software works with inaccessible/unreadable external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, memory cards, and your Macintosh.

The other half of this drive is iBoysoft NTFS for Mac. This lightweight driver lets you read, write, delete, and move files that are stored on Windows-formatted drives.

Two Apps for $19

These apps are worth $99.90 in total, but you can grab the bundle now for $19 — that’s 80% off the MSRP.