Aaron Carter Is Alive and Well After Police Visit Over False Overdose Concerns

The police and fire department say they visited Aaron Carter‘s California home on Wednesday after receiving a call regarding a possible overdose that turned out to be a false alarm. His assistant told E! News the 32-year-old singer is alive and well.

The Lancaster police department’s watch commander confirmed to E! News the call came in last night. According to TMZ, which first reported the news, Carter had been doing a livestream when he apparently fell asleep. After Carter didn’t respond, fans reportedly became concerned and called the police.

Per TMZ, the officers made their way into Carter’s bedroom after nobody answered the door. The Lancaster PD confirmed Carter’s door was broken down via forced entry. They then woke the “I Want Candy” crooner up. Carter told TMZ the responders asked if he was suicidal, had taken any pills or threatened to harm himself. However, Carter told the celebrity news outlet he informed the officers this was not the case. The responders determined he was fine.

As for the door, the Lancaster PD watch commander stated that Carter can fill out a form with Los Angeles county if he wants it replaced.

“I don’t know who f–cking called,” Carter told fans during a live stream, “but you all need to f–ing chill out.”

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