Google Launches New Features for Pixel Phones

Google has released new features for Pixel phones. The new features available exclusively to Pixel owners include a way of controlling your phone without touching the screen, the ability to schedule your phone switching from light to dark themes, and more besides.

This is the second of what Google calls Pixel feature drops. The first, which dropped in December 2019, added new and improved photo controls, improved Duo video calls, and the ability to automatically screen callers. Now, Google has dropped more new features.

New Google Pixel Features to Make Use Of

As well as letting you skip forward or back while playing music, Motion Sense now lets you pause and resume music without ever touching your phone’s screen. Just make a tapping gesture above the phone while listening to music to Play and Pause it.

The Personal Safety app on Pixel 4 is now rolling out to users in the UK and Australia. Already available in the US, the app can detect if you have been in a serious car crash and enable you to contact the emergency services with a voice command.

You can now use new AR effects during Duo video calls. The effects will move around the screen with you, and change according to your facial expressions. You can also create images with depth on the Pixel 4, letting you create 3D photos for Facebook.

There are also new ways to customize the look and feel of your Pixel. You can schedule your phone to switch to a Dark theme based on local sunrise and sunset times. You can also instruct your Pixel to go silent when in certain locations such as your workplace.

Expect More Pixel Feature Drops in the Future

This is just a selection of the new features Google is rolling out to Pixel phones in the latest Pixel feature drop. You can see the full list on Google Support, alongside which Pixel devices are going to receive each one. The Pixel 4 is getting all of the above.

Even if you don’t own a Google Pixel phone, you may be due to upgrade your phone soon. So, before you choose the device you’re going to be staring at for the next 12-24 months, here’s our pick of the best 5G smartphones to buy right now.

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