How to Find and Grab Free Logins for Websites

Have you ever wanted to visit a website that needed an account to browse without giving out your details? You may be interested in, which provides pre-made logins for websites so you don’t have to make your own.

Let’s dig into to see how it works—and how you can donate your own accounts.

What Is is a database of free logins for different websites. People can ask the website for an account, and Login2 will give them one.

These accounts are not for you to “keep.” They’re community accounts that anyone can use at any time. They’re handy if you want to log into a website only to do one thing, and you don’t want to sign up just for that one thing.

As such, if you think you’ll be revisiting a website repeatedly in the future, it’s worth making an account to ensure you have something to come back to. If you’re unsure about handing that website your details, there are ways to protect your privacy; for example, a disposable email address is an excellent way to hide your one.

Where Do The Accounts Come From?

The thought of getting a free login to any site may make some people suspicious. Where do these accounts come from in the first place? Are these hacked accounts?

The idea behind the service is that people can donate their unused accounts for others to use. Think of it as getting an account “second-hand” so you can use them without needing to create an account under your name.

The accounts are provided in good faith, as there’s no way to prove that the account was donated instead of hacked. As such, people can give hacked accounts without the owner’s consent. When you use an account, try not to change much, as the owner may not know you’re using it!

How to Use

To use, access the website and enter the URL you want an account for. When you click on Get, will go through its database and bring up any accounts it can find. Then, copy-paste the username and password into the login fields.

Using to get account details

You’ll often come across accounts that don’t work. This is either because someone has changed the password to make the account theirs, or because the website actively blocks accounts use in account sharing services. If this happens, click Not working, show more to get a new account.

You can also add “” to the start of any URL (for example, that you want to log into. This will open with your chosen website already loaded in.

Alternatives to

If doesn’t work out for you, there are other free login websites you can use.

First, you can try BugMeNot. BugMeNot has an account rating system, so you can easily see which ones work. It also lists the account listing date, as accounts added more recently are more likely to still work than older ones.

BugMeNot is more well-known, so you’ll find more on it. On the flip side, its popularity will bring it to the forefront of the attention of websites that forbid shared sites. As such, you may find the accounts on BugMeNot are banned more often.

There’s also Password-Login, which also has an account rating system. Accounts that work are voted up and appear higher in the listings, while accounts that no longer work are voted down. Unfortunately, it looks like anyone can come along and add their details without moderation, which has lead to some users leaving crude messages in their account details.

Alternatively, you can also make a personal account using throwaway information. That way, you can sign up for any website without fear that they’ll use your personal information. You can read about how to create a fake internet profile on our article about disposable web accounts to keep your identity safe.

How to Donate an Account to

If you have a spare account for a website and want to donate it, you can through Just be sure you won’t use this account in the future; once it’s in the public domain, it may be impossible to get back.

First of all, before you consider donating your account, you need to clean it of identifying information. Remember that anyone will be able to get a hold of your account once given, so be sure to scrub it of anything that can be linked back to you, friends, or family.

Once you’re done, change your password to something easy for other people to remember. This goes doubly so if you re-use the same password across all your accounts, else you’re giving everyone the master key to your online presence!

Then, go to and enter the URL of the website you want to donate for. Click the Not working, show more button below the login details. When you do, will ask you to enter an account to help the database. Enter your details into the login fields here to submit your details.

Adding an account to

Keeping Your Privacy Safe Online

Mandatory log-in websites are a bane for anyone who wants to preserve their privacy online. Fortunately, is a useful way of getting around these restrictions. Even if it doesn’t work out, there are alternative methods like creating a fake profile for yourself.

If you’re curious about how you can further protect your data online, try these actionable steps for improving your online privacy.

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