You Can Now Enable Dark Mode on Google Play

The Google Play Store app now has its own dark mode, and it’s available on all but the oldest Android handsets. This means that you can now enable the dark mode on Google Play, and never again be overwhelmed with that oh-so-bright white background.

Older Androids Get Google Play’s Dark Theme

Google first launched a dark theme for the Google Play Store in October 2019. However, it was only available on Android 10. Now, as announced in a tweet, Google Play’s dark mode is “now available on any Android device”. Although that isn’t strictly true.

Strictly speaking, Google Play’s dark theme is only available to devices running Android 5.0 and later. However, if you own a device running an earlier version than that we would suggest updating Android or buying a new handset that supports newer versions.

How to Enable Dark Mode on the Google Play Store

To enable the dark theme on the Google Play Store app:

  1. Open Google Play and click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines).
  2. Click Settings (the cog icon).
  3. Click Theme.
  4. Choose between Light, Dark, and Set by Battery Saver/System Default.

You can switch back and forth between themes as many times as you see fit. Or even multiple times a day, if you feel the need. Light is the standard theme, white turns the background black, and Set by Battery Saver/System Default are self-explanatory.

How to Stop Using Your Smartphone Altogether

We doubt many people spend a long time browsing the Google Play Store. So this isn’t going to have the same impact as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp’s dark modes. However, this will still be useful for people who really don’t like light backgrounds.

While enabling a dark theme on as many apps as possible will help you focus at night, perhaps it’s time to start using your phone less altogether. If you think you’re addicted to Android, use this list of Google apps that can reduce your smartphone use.

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