Love Silicon Valley? 8 Similar TV Shows to Watch on Netflix


Silicon Valley is a geeky show, but it’s not just for geeks. What makes Silicon Valley compelling is that it not only provides big laughs, but it also offers both satire and insight into the whole tech startup craze.

Since Silicon Valley finished forever after six seasons, you might be looking for similar TV shows. So we have rounded up the best TV shows like Silicon Valley to watch on Netflix.

These aren’t all geeky TV shows, but they’re similar enough to Silicon Valley that we think fans of Silicon Valley will enjoy it. Whether because of the subject, the tone, or the humor.

1. The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is as close as it gets if you’re just looking for a comedy show about tech geeks—except the geeks in this show aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the box. You don’t have to be an IT geek to enjoy this show, though.

There’s also a world of difference between those who work in IT and those who are part of the Silicon Valley culture. That said, The IT Crowd is funny for a lot of the same reasons: well-developed characters, interesting situations, and a glimpse into a world not often seen on television.

2. Arrested Development

Arrested Development has nothing to do with the tech industry, but it features a lot of the same undercurrents that make Silicon Valley hilarious. In short, Arrested Development is a clever comedy about a family of wealthy narcissists who can’t help but get in each other’s way.

It’s extremely layered—you can watch it 10 times and still catch gags that you hadn’t noticed before. But the greatest things about this show is its incredible cast, the strongly-written characters, and the amazing punchlines. Although the quality does dip slightly in later seasons, Arrested Development is still worth watching.

3. Loaded

Loaded has a similar premise to Silicon Valley, following a group of friends within the tech industry. The big difference is that it’s set across the pond, so you could call it the British version of Silicon Valley. In the show, the four men sell their tech startup and become overnight millionaires.

However, all of their new money puts strain on their friendships and personal lives, with far more comedy than that premise might suggest—much like how it plays out in Silicon Valley. Loaded has eight episodes, each an hour long, which means you’ll be laughing for a long time.

4. Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire is the only show on this list that isn’t a comedy. It doesn’t even come close to generating laughs, so don’t expect any. Why is it included then? Because Halt and Catch Fire is what you’d get if you took Silicon Valley and planted it firmly in the drama/suspense genre.

The show is a fictionalized story that shows an insider’s perspective of the PC revolution that happened in the 1980s and the internet revolution of the 1990s. If the tech side of Silicon Valley is what interests you, then you’ll probably enjoy this show quite a bit.

5. Master of None

Master of None is a shining example of what Netflix can accomplish with its original productions. It’s a unique show created by and starring comedian Aziz Ansari. Interestingly, Master of None doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre, which is one of the aspects that makes it so unique.

While there are elements of comedy and drama, and at times even mystery, it isn’t a full-blown comedy or drama. It’s essentially a slice-of-life series that has nothing to do with geeks or technology. Nevertheless, you might enjoy it because it’s a mature show with a lot of tonal similarities to Silicon Valley.

6. Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is one of the greatest animated shows ever, which is a bold claim, and one of the best Netflix originals. It revolves around Bojack Horseman, a washed-up sitcom star (voiced by the always-excellent Will Arnett) who is trying to get his life together with help from his friends and colleagues.

Not only is it hilarious, set in a world where humans and anthropomorphic animals co-exist, but it also deals with mature themes like depression and addiction. If you like the dark comedy and self-centered characters of Silicon Valley, you’ll love Bojack Horseman.

7. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation gives a fictional look at the lives of people within a Parks Department. Much like Silicon Valley, the characters often have to deal with the fact that what can go wrong will go wrong. Amy Poehler plays Leslie Knope, a feisty bureaucrat who wants to do best by her employees and people.

The show really finds its feet after the first season, so stick with it for a hilarious and often heartwarming experience. It has a killer gag ratio which holds up through multiple viewings. Parks and Recreation is also notable for featuring Chris Pratt before he became a blockbuster star.

8. The Office

The American Office is based on the British show of the same name. While both are great, controversially the American version might be better thanks to the brilliance of leading man Steve Carell. It also ran for many more seasons, so there are lots of episodes to enjoy on a binge.

The show is a mockumentary set in a Scranton paper company. This may be a long way away from Silicon Valley geographically, but The Office is similar because of its great ensemble cast and wacky situations.

The Office also has a lot of purposely cringeworthy moments, similar to the messes that Richard Hendricks finds himself in time and time again.

How to Find Other Shows to Binge-Watch

Netflix is crammed full of great TV shows. While this article focuses on shows like Silicon Valley, there are lots of other great shows worth binge-watching on Netflix. You just need to know where to look.

If you want to know what other shows you should devour, here are the best ways to find TV shows to binge-watch.

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