Future-Proof Your Career With This FREE Ebook (Worth $16)

A lifelong career doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, “People entering the workforce today will have an estimated 17 employers and five careers in their lifetimes—and already many existing roles are being automated away, with many more to follow”.

These trends mean that more and more people will enter the freelancing world or the gig-work economy. This comes with certain freedoms. But it also brings its own challenges.

Given that no profession or industry is immune to these trends, how can you future-proof your own career?

In this free copy of Career Leap, worth $16, Michelle Gibbings answers these questions, showing you “what you need to know, how you need to change and how you can prepare for the inevitable tides of change.”

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Career Leap Free Ebook

The 10-step framework set out in this book will help you reinvent your career for the 21st Century. Inside, you will learn how to:

  • Future-proof your career with the new laws for success.
  • Undertake a health check of your career and make deliberate career choices.
  • Design, build, and execute your influence and career strategy.
  • Be equipped to take control and leap ahead with your career.

Want to download your free copy? Simply click here to download Career Leap from TradePub. You will have to complete a short form to access the ebook, but it’s well worth it!

Note: This free offer expires 24 March 2020. 

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