You Can Now Use Scribd Free for 30 Days

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Scribd is opening its virtual doors to everyone. This means that you can use Scribd free for 30 days. And Scribd isn’t even asking for your credit card details, so there’s zero chance of the company taking your money by accident.

Self-Isolating Due to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic, which causes COVID-19, is making thousands of people sick around the world. In the most extreme cases, people are dying from the illness. And the best advice is to stay at home and isolate yourself from the rest of society.

This is all well and good, but staying cooped up in your home 24/7 can be extremely boring. Yes, even if you subscribe to Netflix. So, to ease that boredom, Scribd is opening up its library of reading material to anyone who wants in. And all for free.

How to Use Scribd Free for 30 Days

Trip Adler, founder and CEO of Scribd, outlines the offer on the Scribd Blog. He states that because “reading is the most powerful tool we have for connecting and sharing the human experience […] access to books and information is more important than ever before.”

Therefore, anyone can access Scribd for free for 30 days by following this link and signing up for an account. You don’t need to provide your credit card information, but you will have to sign up for an account using Google, Facebook, or your email address.

The offer expires on April 17, 2020, and is only available to “new first-time subscribers”. So if that describes you, you can get access to Scribd’s “millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazine articles, and more” for free for up to 30 days.

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Scribd usually costs $8.99/month, so this is a sweet deal for those who are eligible for it. Sure, Scribd will be hoping some users who try the service for free will enjoy it enough to subscribe after their free 30 days are up, but there’s no obligation to do so.

If you have decided to work from home to combat the spread of COVID-19, be sure to check out our guide to working from home. And then once you’ve finished your work for the day, you can explore the library of content Scribd has to offer.

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