How to Delete Your Old Online Accounts Using AccountKiller


It’s easy to make an account on the internet, but it’s harder to scrub it off again. On the web, information can last forever, so it’s essential to know how to delete your old online accounts and protect your privacy.

Let’s explore AccountKiller, a website dedicated to teaching you how to do just that.

What Is AccountKiller?

The main page for AccountKiller began in 2011 with a single goal; to help others delete their online accounts. Companies make it very easy for people to create an account for their service, but removing it can be another matter. Websites often hide away the removal process or make it long and arduous in an attempt to retain as many accounts as possible.

AccountKiller aims to cut through the ambiguity of deleting an account. Whenever someone finds a quick or easy method to delete an account, they list it on the website for everyone to see. People trying to delete an account can then use the information to erase them.

How to Use AccountKiller

Using AccountKiller is very easy. Once you’re on the home page, you can fill out the form to get details on how to erase your account. The AccountKiller team will then get back to you with details on how to close your account.

If you’d rather not wait for a reply, you can instead do the research yourself. In the search bar above, type the name of the website where you have an unwanted account. The website will recommend some pages they have on file, so click the one that suits you best.

Details on cancelling a Loot Crate account from AccountKiller

Once you’ve chosen the website, you’ll see an in-depth fact file about the website and what it does. Then, AccountKiller will then tell you what information you should gather to delete your account. This can include addresses, emails, and past passwords that the website may ask you to confirm your cancellation request. Be sure to gather these to ensure the cancellation process goes smoothly.

Then, AccountKiller shows you how to erase your account with step-by-step instructions. This may involve navigating the website to find the option to delete the account, or giving the customer support a call to cancel the account.

If you have to call a support center, AccountKiller will often tell you what number you need to phone, what to say, and who you need to reach. This is important, as the customer support rep will likely make it as difficult as possible for you to close your account. Knowing what to ask and what to say helps speed up the process.

Why Bother Deleting Old Accounts?

If you have old accounts with personal information on them, they can be a cybersecurity risk. If you forget about an account you made, it may still use an old password that you used years ago. You never get around to updating that password, because you don’t remember using the website in the first place.

There are two immediate risks of letting an old account idle.

1. If hackers get hold of your old username and password, they can test it on various websites.

If they access an account on a website you’ve long forgotten, hackers can use the data within to steal personal information. This information is useful for hackers to perform identity theft and credit card fraud, so it’s important to scrub the internet of your old accounts.

2. If a website falls out of popularity, the owners may get lax with the security.

For instance, Yahoo leaked every single account on file long after people had left the service and migrated elsewhere. Erasing your unneeded online accounts is a good way to prevent old services from leaking your information.

What Is the Website Blacklist and Whitelist?

Along the top of the website, you’ll see options to view the blacklist and whitelist. These are systems to highlight or lowlight the efforts websites go through to respect your data.

A blacklisted website is one that makes it hard for you to scrub your data. This includes websites which demand you phone their customer support service to delete your data. Expect a hard time dealing with websites on the blacklist.

AccountKiller Whitelist

Conversely, the whitelist highlights companies that respect your privacy. These will allow you to erase your data from the website with little to no resistance. This includes sites that have a simple “delete account” button that makes erasure easy.

Adding or Editing a Website on AccountKiller

Despite AccountKiller’s extensive database, you may not find your chosen website listed. Likewise, you may go through the steps on the website, but find the details are wrong or that there’s an easier way to delete your account.

In either case, you can add your own information to the website. Just go to the Submit A Site section to type in the details you have to share. Be sure to state what information you had to supply to submit your account deletion request if any. If your information is good, it should appear on the website after it passes moderation.

Submit a site to AccountKiller

How to Protect Your Privacy in the Future

If you find it particularly hard to scrub the internet of your details, you may want to avoid having to repeat this process in the future. The best way to do this is not to surrender your personal details when you can afford not to.

Of course, websites are still going to ask for your details, and refuse your registration if you don’t hand them over. However, that doesn’t matter when the information you hand over is fake in the first place. Be sure to read about disposable web accounts to keep your privacy safe if you ever need to make an account in the future.

You can also use someone else’s account instead of your own. Don’t worry; we’re not implying you should learn how to hack. There are ways to use other people’s abandoned accounts that they’ve offered up for public use. You can read more in our article on how to find and grab free logins for websites.

Erasing Your Details Online for Better Privacy

It can be hard to delete old online accounts, mainly due to companies wanting to retain users. Fortunately, AccountKiller has made it easy to look up the steps needed to erase your details from a range of websites. Even if you need to phone customer support, AccountKiller will let you know what you need and what to expect during the call.

If you want to protect your privacy further, be sure to check out how to delete your personal data from public record websites.

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