The Top 10 Highest-Rated Reddit Posts of All Time


Hundreds of posts make it onto the front page of Reddit every day, but few will ever rise high enough to sit amongst Reddit’s all-time highest-rated posts. Only the very best earn that honor.

So, in this article we list some of the highest-rated Reddit posts of all time. Naturally, some subreddits are more popular than others, so we’re limiting this list to one post per subreddit.

10. Brave Soldier Buried Amongst His Devoted Troops (/r/todayilearned)

Robert Gould Shaw
Image Credit: Whipple Studio/Wikimedia Commons

Wikipedia is a source for the weird and wonderful. This Reddit post was submitted to /r/todayilearned, a subreddit all about sharing new information with others, and links to a Wikipedia article about Robert Gould Shaw.

This man led black troops in battle. When he died, Confederates buried him in a mass grave as an intended insult. Troops tried to recover his body, but his father sent them a letter to say: “We would not have his body removed from where it lies surrounded by his brave and devoted soldiers.”

9. Deangelo Juggles Balls for Real (/r/DunderMifflin)

Deangelo juggling

The Office was best when Steve Carell was the star, but the popular American sitcom still had its moments afterwards. One of those highlights was a scene with Will Ferrell, as the character Deangelo Vickers, when he pretends to juggle.

This Reddit post has 160,000 upvotes and was suitably posted in The Office’s subreddit, named after the fictional company featured in the show. The post is of that juggling scene, but edited so that he actually is chucking balls—complete with over-the-top music.

8. Battle for Net Neutrality (/r/books)

Net Neutrality

The fight for net neutrality was one that was popular in many subreddits, but this post in /r/books received 179,000 upvotes. Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers must treat everyone and everything equally and not impose charges or blocks.

Unfortunately, this is at risk in the United States, and so this Reddit post was encouraging people to contact their local government to try to stop any bills passing.

7. Barack Obama’s AMA (/r/IAmA)

Reddit has a liberal leaning in general, so it makes sense that an interview (or in Reddit terms, an Ask Me Anything) with the then-President of the United States would gain 216,000 upvotes.

Thousands of users threw their questions into the mix and the President did quite well answering as many of them as he could. And while many expected the President to do nothing but dodge questions and self-promote, it was surprising to see him actually engage with some harder topics.

6. A Pooping Pun for the New Year (/r/AskReddit)

Toilet sign
Image Credit: Hafidz Alifuddin/Pexels

The /r/AskReddit subreddit describes itself as “the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.” This post with 221,000 upvotes might disagree with that.

It’s simply a joke that involves a bodily function and the switch to the new year of 2019. Of course, you can simply change the year and the joke will be timeless. We won’t ruin the punchline, so go to the post to enjoy the joke for yourself. As you might expect, none of the comments in response are serious.

It’s perhaps a contender for one of the most unbelievably popular Reddit posts.

5. A VPN Provider Calls Out Senators (/r/pics)

VPN provider calls out the Senate
Image Credit: pdmcmahon/Reddit

The users of Reddit obviously care about the neutrality of the internet and the right to remain relatively anonymous when online. That’s why this post received 258,000 upvotes.

This post is a photo of an advert by Private Internet Access, a VPN provider, in The New York Times. The company took out the advert to highlight the 50 US senators who voted to monitor citizen’s internet activity for financial gain.

4. Showing a Game You Mastered to Someone You Care About (/r/gaming)

Mastered game comic
Image Credit: SrGrafo/Reddit

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share your passions with family and friends. When it comes to video games, that can be tricky if you’ve been playing the game for years, have mastered everything about it, and thus have a different perspective.

This comic, upvoted 268,000 times, represents that charmingly. The experienced player is shielding the younger one from enemy fire while they learn the controls.

If you’ve ever taught someone the ropes on games like World of Warcraft or Fortnite, you should relate to this comic.

3. All News Anchors Say the Same Thing (/r/videos)

“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

Those words are repeated ad nauseam in this video that shows what happens when one company owns lots of local news stations. You might think it’s ironic that all of these Fox stations are worried about biased reporting when they’re all saying the same thing.

Indeed, over 280,000 Reddit users agreed when they upvoted this post, with one commenter noting how Orwellian the situation was.

2. NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar (/r/funny)

NYC Taxi Drivers calendar
Image Credit: the_Diva/Reddit

You might not expect this post to have 307,000 upvotes based on the picture alone, but this is a classic example of Reddit running with something silly.

The person who posted this was in a cab when the driver excitedly showed them that they were on the front of the New York City Taxi Drivers calendar for 2018.

In the comments, the original poster reveals that this taxi driver also had the honor of being Mr. December.

1. The Senate (/r/movies)

 Chancellor Palpatine

The highest rated post in Reddit history is this meme which gained a whopping 350,000 upvotes. It instructs users to upvote the post so that the image of Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars appears whenever anyone searches Google for “The Senate.”

Surprisingly, the post is on /r/movies, rather than the more suitable /r/PrequelMemes (where people post memes about the Star Wars prequels.)

As any Star Wars fan will know, Chancellor Palpatine didn’t have the best intentions, so this post is poking fun at the United States Senate. Sadly, the image doesn’t actually appear when you search Google. So the ruse failed.

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