You Can Now Watch Live TV for Free on Plex

Plex is giving away its Live TV feature for free for up to three months. Live TV is normally only available to Plex Pass subscribers, but for a limited time only, anyone with a free Plex account (plus a couple of other necessities) can watch Live TV without paying a penny.

How to Watch Live TV for Free on Plex

Given the coronavirus pandemic that is forcing people to work from home, lots of companies are doing what they can to help. And Plex is no exception, offering three months of Live TV for free to anyone who wants it. As detailed on the Plex Forum.

To watch Live TV on Plex, you’ll need a Plex account (available for free), a Plex Media Server (also free to set up), a TV antenna, and a TV tuner. You can then watch any over-the-air broadcasts available in your area on the device of your choosing.

There are some caveats: This does not include DVR functionality or any other premium features. These features still require an active Plex Pass subscription. You’ll also only get 48 hours of guide data, whereas Plex Pass subscribers get two weeks’ worth.

Even with these caveats, this means you can now watch Live TV on Plex for free between now and June 30. Which is nice. Obviously, Plex will be hoping to persuade some of you to buy a Plex Pass after this ends, but there are reasons why you don’t need a Plex Pass.

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