14 Most Popular YouTube Pranks You Can Play on Your Friends


There’s nothing better than pranking your friends. YouTube is full of loads of prank idea videos that you can watch and get inspired for your next practical joke.

We’ve rounded up the best YouTube prank ideas for a variety of situations so that you can pull a good-natured prank on your friends, family, and colleagues.

1. Pranks to Pull on Your Colleagues

The Office is one of the best sitcoms ever created. One popular aspect of the show is the endless pranks that Jim plays on his annoying colleague Dwight.

Of course, many of the pranks in this video are heightened for the sake of comedy, but you could gift wrap your co-worker’s desk or fake telekinetic powers.

2. Pranks to Pull at School

School is a time for learning, but it’s also a great time to prank your fellow students. This video features lots of simple pranks to pull while at school.

For example, you could give someone an unexpected flavor of gum when they ask for a slice, or put up fake signs to trick people into doing things.

3. Pranks to Pull On Your Dad

Perhaps it’s soon to be your Dad’s birthday or Father’s Day. Or maybe you just want to prank your Dad, no matter the time of year!

If so, this video is full of creative pranks to pull on your unsuspecting father. Just don’t go too overboard on your poor old pops.

4. Pranks to Pull Involving Food

Food can be a great comfort, so you might decide to be evil and prank someone by messing with their food. This video contains some delightfully devilish ideas, like switching out cola for soy sauce or serving someone a real egg covered in chocolate.

But don’t forget to have a real sweet treat on hand to apologize for the prank!

5. Pranks to Pull on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day for love, but there’s no reason it can’t be a day for pranking too. This YouTube video will spark loads of ideas for pranks that you can pull on that special someone.

Just make sure it doesn’t result in a break-up! You should probably have a real romantic gift lined up to make up for the prank.

Like this? Here are more hilarious Valentine’s Day pranks to pull.

6. Pranks to Pull at Halloween

Halloween is a spooky time of year generally. Many people dress up and go trick or treating. That makes it the perfect time to dish out some ghoulish pranks.

Rather than serving treats from your door, try one of these pranks instead. Or just catch your friends out during a Halloween party.

7. Pranks to Pull With Gifts

There’s never a bad time to give someone a gift. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or you just want to show your appreciation, giving someone a gift is always joyful.

That is, of course, unless your gift is just a prank in disguise. This video gives you a load of ideas on how to prank with presents.

8. DIY Craft Pranks

Sure, you buy a novelty toy to prank your friends with, but that’s not very inventive. You should put in some effort and follow the crafty pranks in this video.

They all require a bit of DIY work, but that makes it even more satisfying when you’re able to successfully prank your friends using your homemade wizardry.

9. Pranks to Pull On Your Roommates

Living with roommates can be fun, but they’re bound to get on your nerves sometimes. If they’ve annoyed you, or you just want to have a laugh with them, watch this video for some quick and easy pranks that you can pull on your roommates.

10. Prank to Pull On Your Teacher

At this school, the professor has a policy that if a phone rings the student must answer it on speakerphone. Some students decided to have some fun with that and pull a cheeky prank at their professor’s expense.

Of course, you don’t just need to do this in school—you pull the same prank by answering an awkward call anywhere.

If you like this, check out some other phone and text pranks to mess with someone.

11. Pranks to Pull on April Fools’ Day

If there’s one day that you have to pull a prank on, it’s April Fools’ Day. This is the time of the year when you can pull a prank and get away with it… just about!

This video is packed full of hilarious April Fools’ Day pranks for maximum hilarity. Just remember to pull them off before midday.

12. Pranks to Pull on Kids

Kids can make great targets for pranks because they’re unsuspecting and game for a laugh. Obviously you don’t want to be too mean to kids, which is why this video is so great.

It’s full of funny and harmless pranks that you can pull on kids—or perhaps ones that they can pull on you!

13. Pranks to Pull During the Holidays

Jimmy Kimmel loves a good prank. One of his most popular is in this video, where he challenged parents to give kids terrible presents at Christmas. It’s adorable to see how differently all the kids react, from tears to laughter.

You could pull a similar prank during the holiday season, but don’t just limit it to kids. There’s no reason you can’t trick your friends and family with an awful gift.

14. Pranks to Pull on the Household

You don’t have to leave your house when it comes to pranking. This YouTube video is packed full of pranks that you can pull from the comfort of your home, whether it’s slicing sandwich bags or putting silly messages on the bottom of mugs.

These are perfect for tricking your family members with. However, some of them do get messy, so ensure you’re on hand to help with the clean-up.

Even More Great Pranks

Hopefully, these popular pranks on YouTube have inspired you. They should keep you busy all year long so that you never have to go long without pranking someone.

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