Do More With Your iPhone: 70+ Tips and Tricks You Should Know


Whether you’re a new convert or a veteran user, whether you have the latest iPhone or one that’s much older, you’ll want to check out our tips and tricks for iPhone users!

iPhones are super straightforward to use. That is, after all, one of the main selling points of an iPhone over Android alternatives—at least that’s what iPhone fans like to say.

But we bet there’s a lot more your iPhone could be doing that you may not be aware of. And when you run into iPhone issues, troubleshooting a problem isn’t always as clear-cut as using the device itself. Well, we can help!

Before we dive in: don’t have an iPhone but looking to get one? Read these first:

Understanding Your iPhone


Confused about a certain iPhone feature? You aren’t alone! Here are our explanations of the various iPhone features and how you can make the best use of them:

Basic iPhone Tips and Tricks

Apple EarPods plugged into Lightning port on iPhone

If you want to do more than just check emails, take photos, and send messages, you may want to check out these foundational tips and tricks for iPhone users:

For settings and maintenance tweaks:

For learning how to do useful things:

Advanced iPhone Tips and Tricks


Want to distinguish yourself from other iPhone users? Learn how to take the best care of your device and do all kinds of cool stuff that many people aren’t even aware are possible:

More useful maintenance tips you should know:

More cool stuff you can do with an iPhone:

Useful Apps for iPhone Users


We’ve scoured the iOS App Store and found all the coolest and most useful apps—because who has the time to do that? Here are our favorites and recommendations for whatever you want to do:

Practical Apps

Entertainment Apps

Troubleshooting iPhone Issues


Is your iPhone acting up? Something broke and you don’t know why? Or how to fix it? Here are our most useful articles on how to resolve errors and issues on a faulty iPhone:

Check here first, in case your issue is a common one:

If the problem is with the actual iPhone device:

If the problem is related to operating the iPhone:

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